30 August 2013

Five on Friday vol. 4 {home video edition}

Let's switch things up a little bit for Five on Friday! Have you all started using Instavid? (IG video). It's awesome!! You can take short little 15 second clips and share them with your peeps. I don't take that many videos, but when I do, I love watching them back later.

So I thought I'd share a couple of my newer Instavid's and a few regular video clips from my phone!

Okay so I apologize in advance for how disgusting this is. But holy crapoli. I never thought I'd be the parent who lets my kid pick food up off the ground and shovel it in his mouth like this. Ridiculous. But it's Summer and the kids' gotta live a little right?? lol

Bennett is a legit bike rider now! We got this bike for him at the end of Spring and he's already practically outgrown it. But hey, it was a good bike to learn on!! Next Summer we're going to raise the seat more (so he'll fit) and take the training wheels off! Then we'll get him a bigger bike :) But I'm so proud of my little dude!! (p.s. this isn't an instagram vid)

Easton is a little fork user now! I can go ahead and add this to the list of things that make him a full blown toddler now. *waaaa* And he is so dang proud of himself!!

Family walk. This Summer has been the best.

Okay and the fifth thing isn't a video! It's just a snapshot from our walk to the river the other day. But I love it because, to me, it totally represents the Pacific Northwest. I live in such a beautiful state. Twilight anyone? lol

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Alena Pidala said...

Love these! My mom always said " A little dirt never hurt!" :) I LOVE that last picture, its absolutely beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend!

Adventures with Little man said...

Every once in a while I enjoy using instavid. Your boys are just too cute and I love that last picture. Have a great weekend holiday weekend!

Southern Wifey said...

love the video version of 5 on friday! such a cute idea! and omg, i am so jealous of all your lush greenery up in the pnw, down south here in florida, we have none of that. :( although i cant complain too much since we do have swaying palm trees right?!?! lol
the sweet life of a southern wife

Rachel said...

I love your #5 photo! My husband takes a lot of videos on our camera--at the time I always think it's silly, but later I find that I really like going back and looking at memories captured on video!
Also, I have to say, I'm so excited to see my button up on your sidebar starting today!!! :)

Valerie Scott said...

You do live in a beautiful state, I had no idea how pretty it really was until I started following your blog. It is on my bucket list of places to visit someday. Cute videos!