23 August 2013

Interview with My Life of Travels & Adventures!

Krystal is my featured sponsor this month, and she is such a sweetheart, someone you'll want to get to know! Make sure to hop over to her blog and say hi! 

1. Tell us about your blog and why you started blogging. How has it changed for you?

Hi, I am Krystal.  I blog over at My Life of Travels and Adventures

I started blogging over the summer of 2010.  I wrote about my journey to becoming healthy and loosing weight.  My blog held me accountable for my eating and exercising.  During that first year, I lost 50lbs, ran my first 5k, ran a half marathon and found out I was pregnant...  

Now my blog details, my crazy adventures with my 19 month old son, Reid, our travels, crafts, cooking adventures and once again another weight loss journey. 

2. Introduce us to your family! 

My husband, Neil & I are fun loving, go with the flow people (or at least I like to think we are)...who both just gave up good jobs in the suburbs of Philadelphia to move to the country in Western New York.  

Our crazy toddler, Reid, was diagnosed with Auto Immune Neutropenia, a year ago, when he was 8 months old.  So we have seen our share of doctor's and hospital rooms... We have to go to the ER every. single. time. Reid has even the slightest fever.  Try getting a toddler to lay still enough (and keep in) an IV.  Ugh!

3. What are some activities you do with your little one?

This summer has been all about outside activities... We have played in the pool, the water table, went blueberry picking, and went for runs together.  My favorite rainy day activity is finger painting (Bonus points for being edible!).

4. Share with us some of your favorite recipes.

One of my favorite recipes is for these Soft Pretzel Bites.  And since I am a huge fan of Peanut Butter Cookies, this recipe is another favorite of mine.

Neil is a fan of this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip.  A family favorite is this Apple Pie.

Last (but not least) my little guy loves these Vanilla Waffles and these Oatmeal Pancakes.  Bonus Point: I love theme because you can make a batch and freeze them for the mornings.

I have been trying to get a new recipe out every week... so I am sure more favorites will be right around the corner.

5. What are some of your favorite blogs to read, and why?

I love reading blogs and read all different types... Mommy blogs, running blogs, food blogs, DIY, crafts, etc.

However, I always look for a post from one blog first:

The Great Umbrella Heist - Mom of adorable triplet girls, one of whom has spina bifida (They were told she would most likely never walk on her own and now running with her sisters!).  Her first full term pregnancy ended with a still birth.  Because she shared her story, I went to the hospital at 39wks pregnant as my baby was not moving and ended up with an emergency c-section just mere hours later.  I credit her to helping save my Reid.

6. What is on your summer bucket list of things to do?

I really want to take Reid to the zoo this summer.  We have not been since we moved this spring.  Other random items:
    * Go to the aquarium (and visit Niagara Falls on the way home)
    * Finish our new dining room chairs.
    * Have updated family pictures.
    * Go to a baseball game.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ah.  I have no idea.  In 5 years, Reid will be going school.  That means I will be one of those Mom's with the school list buying crayons and paper and glue sticks.  Not a fun thought.

In 5 years, I see myself at the hair salon getting my grays dyed.  

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