19 September 2013

I like fast food and the chance to win $6000!

I am just going to throw it out there right now.

I kinda dig fast food restaurants. Why? Because it's fast, obviously. When I'm going somewhere in a hurry and I've got two hungry kids in toe, fast food is my saving grace. And, of course, I like the food. No shame here.

But let's talk about one specific restaurant right now, Wendy's. Mmm... Frosty's. But besides the delicious Frosty's, Wendy's is giving you opportunity to win $6000 for simply trying out their Grilled Chicken Flat Bread Sandwiches and taking a quick video!! Easy peasy.

Here's my video, starring Easton Michael. If I looked even remotely as cute as he does when I eat, I would have been in this video instead of him. But I can't beat a cute, happy baby, chowing on a yummy sandwich. Wouldn't you agree??

So here's the deal! If you want to enter the sweepstakes, head to your closest Wendy's, order yourself a Grilled Chicken Flat Bread Sandwich in Asiago Ranch or Smoky Honey Mustard, and make a quick video using Instagram or Vine! Be sure to use the hashtags #6SecondsFlat and #asortafairytale6 (that way I can see easily find your vids)! Oh and I highly recommend you check out some of the other contest videos! They are hilarious!!

*Thank you to Wendy's for sponsoring this post and for the opportunity to enter this sweepstakes!


Jessie said...

Definitely a cute face! We just got back from three days at Grandma's house and waaayyy too much fast heavenly fatty food. :)

Jannatul Rahamoni said...

What a cute smile.