29 October 2013

Ask us anything!!

It has been a super long time since I've done one of these. Probably years. But they're always fun - right? Because I don't know about you, but I'm always curious about other bloggers. I find myself wondering a lot of things about people, and if I had the guts, I'd probably ask the questions I have. I guess I'm nosey like that... but in a good way?

So I thought I'd open it up for all of you to ask me anything you want! Anything you want to know about me? My life? My kids? My Husband? My blog?... anything! (well, let's keep it rated PG, yes?)

No question is dumb and I'd love to share a little bit more of my life with you all!

And by "us" I mean, my whole family :)

Ask whatever you want and I will answer your questions sometime next week! If you don't have a question, leave a comment anyway and tell me some of your favorite blogs to read, and I will share them in my post! :)


Meg O. said...

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

Tracy J said...

How as an adult do you meet other women with similar likes/dislikes? I moved to GA 4 years ago from NY with my family and I can not for the life of me meet any friends....What do you suggest or how do you manage as a mom, wife...all of it, make time for a social life?

Lady Luck said...

I have two :)
Do you and your husband want more kids?
Has blogging ever caused any arguments with your husband? Is he ok with it? Sharing all you share on such a public site.

Katie N said...
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Katie said...

How fun! I'm nosey too :P

Has anyone ever come up to you on the street recognizing you for your blog? And have you ever wanted to move somewhere else, or is Seattle exactly where you want to be? And one more-- what is your most favorite recipe ever?

Btw, I don't know if I've told you yet but I loveeeeeee your new blog design!


Tara said...

Are you happy with where you are in your photography business? I will explain why I am asking, because I feel like that question could be taken the wrong way.. I am a photographer as well. Before I had my daughter I dreamed of staying home being the worlds best photographer, making 100,000+ a year. Now that I have my daughter and I stay home (she is 9 months old) I struggle with wanting to expand my business but just wanting to be less busy and not photograph as often.

Discovery Street said...

How much time do you spend reading and commenting on other blogs? How much time do you spend blogging? I find that now that I follow so many blogs, I actually enjoy bloggers who post less frequently and have more quality posts (as my reader just can't keep up with daily posts anymore). And I myself have cut down my blog posts to about 3 per week.

Tania T said...

Hi Mandy!I don't have a question to make.I just want to tell you that my biggest dream is to move in to Seattle with my family.I'm from Greece.It's far far away and very difficult not only to move in but to visit for holidays also.Anyway when the time comes I could tell that I have a net-friend.Sharing all these things with us , you are like a real friend for us!Thanks for posting all these beautiful pictures from Seattle.You make me feel like I'm there!Kalimera (goodmorning at greek) !!!

Ilze said...

How did you and your husband meet? I don't know if you've answered this question before on your blog, but I always find people's stories so interesting! Love your new blog design by the way! :)

Fran said...

I've been thinking of doing one of these haha I'm nosey too :P

Do you and your husband want more kids - specifically, a girl?