25 November 2013

Awesome Free Fonts, Pt 2

I already shared 13 of my favorite fonts way back in October of 2012. But since then, I have come across even more that I enjoy! So here is part 2 of Awesome Free Fonts I love :)

Happy Monday everyone!

universal accreditation (must be typed in all caps)


Chelsea said...

I LOVE FONTS! Thank you for sharing, hun! I'm always looking for new ones to download!

Reidun Beate said...

Traveling typewriter is one of my current favorites! :-) I love these blog posts btw! Thank you for sharing :-)

Kiara Buechler said...

I really like the typewriter font, the one on my program is too hard to read but this one is great. Thanks for sharing.

Fran said...

Lord knows I love fonts -- I haven't seen some of these, I'll have to add them to my collection!