11 November 2013

Starting our own Christmas Traditions

I know that Halloween just barely ended, and we have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving, but I cannot stop thinking about Christmas. You see, I'm one of those people that starts listening to Christmas jingles as soon as November hits. The inner child in me gets so giddy thinking about all the things I'm going to do with my kids this Christmas. These are just some of the things I'm looking forward to this holiday season.

  • Pulling out the advent calendar and loading it with goodies
  • Going on drives to see twinkly lights
  • Baking Christmas cookies
  • Watching Christmas movies
  • Listening to holiday music
  • Making ornaments
  • Celebrating the birth of Christ
  • Reading books about Santa
  • Setting out milk & cookies
  • Filling up stockings
  • Watching the kiddos thrash open their presents

I have so many memories of a lot of these things as a child. My favorite thing we used to do during Christmas, was my sister & I would each get to open one present on Christmas Eve. That was our families tradition. But without fail,  every single Christmas Eve, our Mom tried to fight us on it saying "No way... you can just wait until tomorrow!" But you better believe we were relentless, and she always gave in :) My Mom would always scour the presents first and try remember what were in each of the packages she wrapped so she could try and steer us toward certain ones, as to save the "cooler" ones for  Christmas morning. But she could never remember what was in the boxes, so it was all pretty much fair game on Christmas Eve. And I had a tendency to shake all of the presents under the tree and try and guess what they were, which obviously drove my Mom batty. I was actually pretty good at that game. But I usually ended up choosing a smaller box to open on Christmas Eve.

Oh and for your viewing pleasure. My big sister and I on Christmas when we were little girls. lol

Now that I have children of my own, my Husband & I hope to create some traditions with them as well. Things that they can look back on fondly and share with their children. I recently ordered a personalized version of the classic Christmas book called "Night Before Christmas" from MyChronicleBooks. I was able to customize this book with my son's name, birthday, hometown, favorite pet, and a name of a family member. I was also able to write a special dedication message and upload a picture of him into the book!!

I think this will be such a perfect way to really get the kids excited for Christmas! I can't help but picture reading this to them every Christmas Eve! And with all of their personal information integrated throughout the book, it will add just the right touch to ignite even more excitement!! Can you tell I'm giddy about this?

Bennett thinks it's pretty cool, too! Especially that there was a picture of him in the introduction page.

The best part? By signing up for MyChronicleBooks weekly newsletter that features exclusive offers & new book announcements, you will get 30% off all personalized books, including Night Before Christmas! And I was browsing the popular picks, and now I want to by like 15 more personalized books for my boys! They are just awesome. And what an amazing gift this would make, don't you think??

So hurry and go order your personalized book today! And don't forget to use the coupon! :)

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I just love everything about this holiday. Christmas brings such a warm spirit into our lives. 

*Full Disclosure: This article is sponsored by MyChronicleBooks


Chelsea said...

I can't wait to get this book for Alea! She's going to absolutely love it! And these pictures of Bennett are just gorgeous. What a sweet boy you have :)

melissa rohr said...

I am a sucker for personalized stuff like that! How cool )

Kala Bernier said...

I am really excited to start Christmas traditions! This is our first year as a married couple, and for some reason it feels different and exciting!

Rachel said...

My favorite childhood Christmas tradition was definitely stockings--I still insist on them as a key point of Christmas, even when current conditions aren't very Christmas-y, I know I can count on stockings!

Tairalyn said...

What an awesome idea. Will be snagging one of these for Sofia, no doubt!


Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

What a great, special thing for him to have!

Leah D said...

Such a great idea!! Love it!

Meg O. said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That is the CUTEST book ever!! I want one for Kennedy! We already got her a Night Before Christmas book but she needs this one!! Haha

Laura Railing said...

This is such a cute idea!! What a neat gift that would make.

Kiara Buechler said...

We started listening to Christmas songs in the car a few weeks ago, but I really try to wait until after Thanksgiving before going full tilt into the Christmas season. Our house will be all decked out by nightfall on "Black Friday". That book is really cool!

jessica | piganddac said...

Oh my gosh...love that book! I am also obsessed with Christmas, it's just like reliving the magic all over again now that I have kids. I am going to refrain myself from listening to Christmas music and all that until the minute after Thanksgiving dinner is over, and then it will be ON! Haha!

Joni said...

OMG! I love this book! I absolutely want to get this book for Elijah! And may I point out how much Easton looks like you! That old photo definitely confirms it!

Gretchen said...

Growing up I always loved personalized things since I never ran across Gretchen in the normal name stuff, lol! This looks fab! Plusalso, I can totally see Easton in your flashback photo!

Sarah Halstead said...

Awww. So cute!

Fran said...

Those books are awesome!

Tabitha said...

We have SO much in common! We even have all the same holiday traditions, but our Christmas eve present was always pjs :) I will have to look into that book because we always read that book on Christmas Eve. I am getting so excited just thinking about the holiday!!

Whitney said...

I totally see Easton there in your face as a kid!! How sweet. We always had such weird traditions as a family when we were younger because my grandfather's birthday was on Christmas Eve. So our family got together and did presents then instead of on Christmas Day! Now you've inspired me to write a post on our traditions :)