04 November 2013

You asked, I answered! Part 1.

I wrote an "Ask Me Anything" post a few days ago (as well as shared it on Instagram), and received lots of awesome questions! I personally love these kinds of posts, I really enjoy getting to know other bloggers.

I was asked quite a few questions, so I'm going to split this up into two posts. And some questions were asked by private message or e-mail, so I am not going to use people's names.

Onto some of your questions!

Have you ever wanted to move somewhere else, or is Seattle exactly where you want to be?
That's a tough question. I really do love Seattle, I think it's a great place to have a family. But at the same time, part of me has always wanted to take my family and move somewhere smaller and less commercialized. If that makes sense. I feel like life would be so much more simpler and meaningful, out in the country somewhere.  (re: city vs. country life)

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?
Whoa. Diving in deep here aren't we? This is kind of a broad question, so I'm slightly unsure of where to go with my answer.  I draw inspiration from a ton of different places, for different areas of my life. It's really hard to pinpoint one person or thing. So I'm gonna have to pass on this for now and maybe come back to it in another post!

What's your natural hair color?
My natural hair color is like a dirty brownish. Example:

How as an adult do you meet other women with similar likes/dislikes? What do you suggest or how do you manage as a mom, wife...all of it, make time for a social life?
I have actually kept very few friends since high school/college... mainly because we've just sort of naturally drifted apart do to different lifestyles. So I kind of had to start over a little, and work pretty hard to meet new people. And believe it or not, most of the good friends I have now, I've met online. I met my best friend through babycenter.com when I was pregnant with Bennett (and it just so happened she only lived 20 minutes away from me). And I've also gotten to know several other local bloggers, that I've gotten really close with. The internet is a crazy thing, it allows us to connect with people on a level that sometimes, we can't do otherwise.

And making time for a social life? That's tough. But this is something that's super important to me, and I've made sure to make that clear to my Husband. And he's been really good about supporting me whenever I need to get out, or have a girls night.

What is something your readers might be surprised to find out about you?
Hmm... well I think a lot of people would be surprised to find out that I'm Mormon. I don't try to hide it, but for the most part, I choose to stay away from topics like religion & politics on my blog. Mostly because I don't feel the need to invite the kind of controversy that these hot button topics bring about. Ya know? But... that's not to say that I'm not passionate about my faith, it's an enormous part of who I am. I converted to the LDS church 8 years ago, and I can honestly say that it was the single best decision I have ever made in my life.

What is your most favorite recipe ever?
My favorite recipe ever, is our Home-made Picco De Gallo recipe!! We've spent years making & perfecting it together. We the chunky, hearty salsa. It goes with anything!

What are your favorite TV shows to watch?
Oh this one is fun!! Hmm, well right now, I'm really loving The Walking Dead, The Voice, Sons of Anarchy, and Chicago Fire. But some of my other all time favorites are The Killing, Lost & Prison Break! 

How did you and your Husband meet?
Like many others, my Husband and I met through mutual friends. We didn't hit it off immediately, because at the time, I was seeing someone else. But he waited.... patiently. And the rest is history. ;)

Do you and your husband want more kids?
I knew someone would ask this question. If you would have asked me this last year, even 6 months ago, the answer would have been "YES, definitely"... as I wrote here & here.

But now? I don't have a clear answer anymore. I'm not sure what has changed but I've becoming wishy washy about a having third. My heart still wants another baby someday, but my head is screaming NO. So... I guess the answer is that I'm not sure.

Do you and your husband want more kids - specifically, a girl? 
I guess this was on a few people's mind. lol. Refer to the above question ^^ for the first part of this question. 

Do we want a girl, specifically? No. And in fact, I'd love a third boy, if we ever had another baby.

If you ever have a girl, what would you name her?
You guys must really want me to have a girl. ha ha. I haven't thought about girls names in years. But, I've always really liked the name Claire Nichole (for the first & middle name). But if the time ever comes when/if we have a girl -- who knows what we'd actually name her. We always wait until our babies are born to name them. That way we can see their sweet little faces and give them the name that feels right.
What is the most important piece of advise for raising two boys (especially close in age?)? How do you handle your little one, while making the older still feel like you focus on him?
Well I won't lie, having two boys (or two kids in general) close in age can be exhausting. But the hardest part is the second babies infancy, when they require a lot of hands-on attention. There were many times my toddler would take advantage of the times I'd be nursing or putting the baby to sleep to get into trouble. I learned, though, that it's OKAY to put the baby down. So that is one piece of advise I have, is that if your older child needs attention, good or bad, it's okay to set the baby down and make your older child a priority on those moments. Another piece of advise, is take time for yourself. Amidst a crazy day with the kids, sometimes a trip to the grocery store alone is just what you need to get your sanity back. Don't be afraid to ask for help!!

And that's it for now! Most of the rest of the questions have to do with my blog, so I thought I'd save those for the next post!! Hope you feel like you got to know me a little bit better! :)


Glori Changar said...

Prison Break= best show ever!!! xoxo

Chelsea said...

YES! I do want you to have a girl! Glad you got the memo ;)

Whitney said...

I had a feeling that you were Mormon after your trip to Utah but I didn't know for sure! I had always wanted to ask you about that! haha. Nicole or Nichole is an awesome middle name for a girl... just saying ;)

Meg O. said...

Love your answers! Except you didn't answer mine aka the hardest question! Haha :) I also love your advice on having two babies!

Kate Rogers said...

Very neat idea!!! Loved getting to know more about you!!

Kate @ www.raisingtherogers.blogspot.com

Jen said...

I feel the same way about a potential baby #3! We have two girls and I'm constantly hearing that we "need" a boy. Frankly, if we were to have a third child, I would love another girl.

Lady Luck said...

I love it when bloggers do Q&A :)

I am a tv junkie, i also love the voice, Sons of anarchy and Chicago fire :)

Daina Ankrum said...

I loved reading all of your answers! I would love to do a post like this soon on my blog, but the last time I asked for questions I didn't get a big response back from readers. Any suggestions on how to get more feedback?

Excited to see your second round of answers!

Cindy @ Cinsarah said...

Love your answers!
+ you totally rock both blonde and brunette!

Linds said...

this is fun! I will tell you on the third child part... if your heart is telling you that you want one, you'll probably have a third. That's how my husband and I felt for a while, and then one day we both felt like it was time to add (he actually talked to a lot of grown men who were emty nesters to get their opinions on more kids... ALL of them said they wished they had had more, or had friends who had stopped at 2 and then wished they had had more. That was the tipping point for us). And good for you for saying that you don't prefer 1 gender over the other-- that is my BIGGEST pet peeve now that I have 3 boys.

Karly Gomez said...

You know, I wouldn't have guessed you as a SOA watcher, but I'm so glad you are! I LOVE that show, and on that note, what do think of this season so far??

Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

Love learning more about you. We just finished Prison Break and we HATED the ending! What's with series ending this way!?

Jennie Grange said...

you're so beautiful! I loved reading your answers and getting to know you more!

Courtney said...

My middle name is Nichole- spelled the exact same! So, obviously I approve of your choice :)

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

i get the "are you going to try for a third and get that girl" speech all.the.time! ;) i've always wanted a girl, but now that i have boys i would want a third boy ;) i wouldn't know what to do with a girl now. HA. my boys are 18 months apart. i think i missed it, but how far apart are B & E?

Tara said...

loved this post! I always enjoy reading these questions & answers! Would have never guessed Mormon! I don't know too much about it, Im just Christian {non-domination} but have closer IG mommas that are! I find it quite fascinating! In the Midwest, Indiana; its really foreign which is probably why I think that :)

Amanda Dement said...

Love this idea! Super cute. I love The Voice too :-)

Kiara Buechler said...

Claire is one of my top three girl names. Pretty sure that is a sign that YOU should have another baby and that it should be a girl ;-)

EMILY =) said...

You answered a lot of questions I wanted to ask, but didn't. Haha. I love that you are fine not having a girl. I feel the same way after having 2 boys (and we never cared before either.) I hate when people say that I NEED a girl. Ugh!

Brittany Dudek said...
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Brit said...

I'm dying to know more about your conversion to the Mormon religion. Were you raised in a religious family? What religion did you convert from? Is your husband Mormon?

Sorry for all the questions! I'm just super interested in people who convert from one religion to another or from one political party to another--however, I hate talking religion or politics :) I think I'm really just interested in the "why" of converting, not that one is better than the other.

jessica | piganddac said...

Love your advice for the two boys close in age, as I also am in that boat! It was nice to hear you say that the hardest part was the second baby's infancy...that gives me hope that it's going to start getting a little easier soon. And by easy, I just mean not stuck with a nursing baby and all that fun stuff. I know new challenges will come but this year has just be so tough! I'm also with you on the 3rd kiddo thing...my heart totally wants one but at the same time I'm like "no way!!".

Rj and Jessie said...

Love your answers! Also, love Prison Break. That's where Lincoln Micheal's name comes from. :)

Emma @ Outmumbered said...

I didn't know you were mormon! I'm LDS too!! I was active in church until I was 18, stopped going but started going back in June of this year and I LOVE it :)

Love finding out more about bloggers through Q and A posts :)

Fran said...

You just seem like you would be a good girl mom haha and I looove your natural hair color!

Leah D said...

We share a love for Walking Dead and Chicago Fire. Sons of Anarchy is on my to watch binge list.