29 December 2013

A look back on Twenty Thirteen!

Wow. I can't even begin to describe how blessed we have been this last year. We have had some small trials, but overall, it's been a fabulous year! So get ready for a super long recap of 2013 with tons of hyperlinks for you to click on if you wanna reminisce with me :)

In January: 
I discussed how "Relax" was going to be my word of 2013. And actually, I've been doing a pretty good job at just slowing down a little. I also addressed the often-asked question: "So, are you going to have a third baby?" and I've wavered a little back & forth, but I think I stand by that post. :) A lot going on with Bennett this month, too. We tried & failed to potty train him. We celebrated Bennett's THIRD birthday by taking him out for a day downtown and spoiling him rotten. He also had his 3rd year assessment for speech/communication development. And I expressed my need for social media, and that hasn't changed one bit.
Bennett on his Third Birthday!

In February:
I got my hair cut & went blonde. Had some really rough parenting moments & waved my white motherhood flag. Created this cute camera printable's for y'all (still available for download!). Got my "Life according to Instagram" book in the mail by Aritfact Uprising. Still love it and need to make another one for 2013! Shared a little closer look at our cloth diapering experience. And expressed my apologizes for being so judgmental in the past towards Mama's with small kids.
Shorter/blonde hair!

In March:
March started out with my Husband getting his hands dirty in a little DIY project for Bennett... the "Dinorama." I had sort of a parenting realization, that though I may never be a perfect Mother, the love I have for my children -- is perfect. Also in March, I attended my first big blogging conference! BlissDom recaps here, here & here). Also? So sad that BlissDom won't be happening in 2014 :( But the most important thing that happened in March? My tiny Easton turned ONE!! I wrote a letter to him, and shared his official One Year photos!
Easton turned ONE!

In April:
I kicked this month off with a mushy post about making genuine connections via social media. And then kept the goo going with sharing the story about how my Husband & I met and got married! Posted Easton's official 12 month update, where I shared more super duper cute photos from his One Year Shoot. We put up the kids new playhouse in the backyard. We took a visit to our favorite farm, Fox Hollow Farm. And lastly in April, I got my very first Stitch Fix!! Wow... those have come a long way haven't they?? lol
The boys' new playhouse!

In May:
I decided to stop fighting my toddler on his picky eating., just wasn't worth it anymore! I started a new blog series called Blogging For You, where I talk all about how to make your blog meaningful. Sometimes May brings beautiful weather, so the boys and I spent the day traipsing around Seattle. I showed you what Bennett's bedroom looks like, Easton turned 14 months, and I wrote a heartfelt post on keeping our children innocent a little longer. And also in May, I got my 2nd Stitch Fix.
On the Seattle Greatwheel

In June:
June was a slower month, but I started it off right, with a little bit of snarky Mama complaining ;) I shared a video of Easton's very first steps. I dove a little deeper into who I am and what makes me, me. We rang the Summer in the right way, and spent a day at the beach, and I received Stitch Fix #3.
First beach day of the Summer!
In July: 
We spent the 4th of July in Utah/Idaho with Philip's family and had a ridiculous amount of fun! My recap post is here, along with some after-thoughts of City vs. Country life. I decided it was time to shed a little bit of light on the things Philip and I nag each other about. Took Bennett to play at the King County Fair. Shared with you Stitch Fix #4, and my favorite home-made Picco De Gallo recipe. Lastly in July, I got a little sentimental on you and shared a tender moment I had with my son Bennett.
Our trip to Idaho. Bennett fits right in with those goats.

In August:
August was jam packed! Easton turned 16 months!! Such a fun age, but getting feistier. Stitch Fix #5 came in the mail, and I kept a few things, still loving that chevron shirt BTW! I also made you drool with my Husbands Oreo Cheesecake recipe :) I actually had a lot on my mind in August. I started wondering...is Intagram replacing blogging? I posted about the importance of refilling your "me time" tank, gave you an update on what life is like with 2 kids, and that its a cakewalk, and then right after that, I ate my own words and told you how difficult it can be. Also in August, I created a free "Feels Like Home" printable and made it available for download, talked about the importance of blog sponsorship, gave expectant Mothers 10 survival tips, and shared with you the things I said I would never do as a Mother... but in fact... I do these things. And the end of August brought us an amazing day spent at Pike Place Market. Whew.

Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA

In September:
We had a busy and amazing labor day weekend spent at Gasworks park, Woodland Park Zoo, and BBQ's! I gave you my tips on 8 ways you can rock the socks off your blog. My wonderful Husband reminded me that as a Mother, I might struggle sometimes, but I am doing a good job. I also realized in September, that my littlest son has become quite the Mr. Diva, with lots of opinions. Huge milestone!!!... Bennett started his very first day of Preschool, and it went really really well! I also wrote a letter to my Sixteen Year Old self, that was fun. The end of Sept, brought you a post on my thoughts on Social Media vs. Social Life, that time we drove 3 hours to see a Maroon 5 in concert... only to have it get canceled due to weather! (still fuming about this BTW), and I had a parenting epiphany, realizing how annoying I must be to my kids.
Bennett's first day of Preschool!

In October:
Started the month off right and got new carpet installed in our family room!! YAY! I took a weekend and did things for me, which included a concert, dinner out, and a movie in the theater! Easton turned 18 months, Bennett got his first modeling gig at Zulily, I am on Stitch Fix #8 now!!!, I got a new blog design & cut and colored my hair. Bye bye blonde, hello brown hair! October also brought a visit to the Pumpkin Patch, and the start of a new blog series called "Boys Fashion." After that, things got real. I explained the struggles I was having as a Mother of a little boy with a speech day. Shortly after that, we learned that Bennett has a mild developmental delay, but with the help of a special education preschool, he should be mostly caught up by the time he reaches grade school. And lastly in October? Halloween!!! My kiddos made the cutest Skeleton & Jack O Lantern you ever did see! :)
My little Trick-or-Treaters

In November:
This month, I answered all of your blogging questions, gave you a full disclosure about where I stood with my blog in regards to paid content, and I also encouraged you to blog about more of what makes you happy! Stitch Fix #9 arrived and it was pretty amazing, you all seemed to love it! I got mushy on you, and gushed about my oldest son and his heart of gold, as well as admitted that being a SAHM isn't what I intended, but its where I'm meant to be.
Sweet brothers...

In December:
Shared with you our 2013 family photos, which turned out really well considering the boys were less than enthused to get their picture taken. Can't wait to put some on the wall! I also expressed my thoughts on my kids in regards to privacy & the internet. I got into double digits with my Stitch Fixes, #10 arrived this month!! Crazy. Then I got all Christmas-y on you by giving you a mouth-watering cookie recipe, sharing my Christmas wishlist, showed you my simple Christmas mantle decor, had a Gingerbread house-making fiasco, decorated holiday sugar cookies, and my Husband and I took a time-out for ourselves and went on a date in the city. And to close out the year, we had a beautiful time celebrating Christmas

It has been an amazing year and we are so blessed!! Can't wait to see what Twenty Fourteen has in store for us!! 


Laura said...

What a fun way to round up the year!!

Karly Gomez said...

It definitely looks like 2013 was a pretty good year! Here's to 2014 being even better!

Kate Rogers said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful year!! =) Love the pictures with the tent!

Kate @ www.raisingtherogers.blogspot.com

Jordan said...

Looks like you guys had a pretty great 2013! :)

Ashley said...

Many bloggers do a year recap but I really liked this one. It is like you are talking to me plus you included links which is great because I haven't been following long. Y'all have had a great year! My nephew's name is also Bennett so I have a soft spot for boys with that name :)

Adventures with Little man said...

Great post and what a wonderful year it was. Great minds must think alike as I just posted a very similar recap. Have a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the year went so fast! I looked back on those pictures just thinking oh I remember that one. From ig of course.

Hoping your 2014 is just as wonderful and even more than your 2013!

- Manda

Gracie Lathrop said...

I'm gonna have to keep coming back cause those are tons of links! But I love it and am checking out that instagram book idea now!!

Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

Happy New Year!

Valerie Scott said...

What a great way to end the year, I really love this post. Happy New Year!!!!!