04 December 2013

Boys Fasion Vol. 5 - Layers

It's getting colder out these days, which means layers!! I don't know what it is about all these layers that makes Easton look so much more like a big kid, but I both love it and hate it.

T-Shirt: Target
Zip up sweatshirt: Target
Vest: hand-me-down (I have no idea where it's from, no tag!)
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Carters via Zulily

I love this grey pair of denim, they're so versatile.  And velcro shoes?? A must in my house. I can't stand trying to lace up shoes... takes way too much errot with wiggly little kids. And when I finally do get them laced, they just untie them. So.. Velcro is the way to go.

 Hey guysss! Oh & that orange vest is making his hair look even more red, don't you think?


Jodi said...

Adorable! Boy clothes have gotten so much cuter in recent years!!

Anonymous said...

Mad mad cute! More layers = more cute clothes. Unfortunately, more laundry.

Jess Beer said...

Boy clothes are way cuter than people give credit for!

Fran said...

Get. Out. He looks so cute!

Katie said...

Mandy, that top picture is freakin adorable. He is so cute, I just want to squeeze him! I love his outfit!!

Lexie said...

Loving his little vest!!

Kelly Ann said...

Velcro shoes are so great - and the kids get SO excited when they can do it themselves!

Sparkles and Shoes

Celyn PS said...

hes so adorable!


Sarah McKelvy said...

I don't have a boy, but I personally love dressing in layers myself, especially since I'm pregnant.