13 December 2013

Five on Friday Vol. 8

Are we really 12 days away from Christmas?!? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! This season means so much, and I think the kids, even being only 3 & 1 y/o, can really feel the spirit this Christmas season! It makes me all kinds of giddy.

Yo. So I took the kiddos to get their Santa pictures. I expected Bennett to be totally fine, and Easton to be the one to have the major meltdown. But it was the opposite! Easton did pretty well & Bennett was NOT having it. He wouldn't go near Santa unless I was sitting with him. So. Here I am. Wish I would have known I was going to be in this picture, I would have at least dressed cute.

The kids look happy, but if you look closely, you can see Bennett's red, splotchy face from all the crying he did before this! lol.

Hot chocolate is my jam this month. I have made a cup almost every day. Nothing spectacular, I just use Swiss Miss hot cocoa, mix it with water and heat it up. Then I add a tiny bit of whole milk at the end. And of course marshmallows. Give me all the mini marshmallows. Maybe I'm weird, but I like it when they get soggy!

As if I needed MORE subscriptions and boxes showing up at my doorstep, I just went and signed up for the Ipsy Glambag. Like I asked yesterday, is there a support group for this kind of thing??? Gosh. lol. Ever since I discontinued my Birchbox subscription, I've kind of missed trying out new makeup products/samples. So I thought I'd give this one a whirl, I've heard it amazing, much better than Birchox. I'm supposed to get my first makeup back mid-January!! I will probably post about it so you can see what's in it (if it's cool!).

The boys' Santa gift this year is this super cute little kitchen I ordered from Zulily! I got it for $200 OFF the original price! It was a steal of a deal. This is perfect because the kids love "cooking" and playing with their pretend food. They are going to flip out when they see this on Christmas morning!! I want to try to get video of it... someone remind me. ;) Only downside to this gift, is that it came in a bunch of flat boxes, so.... Philip and I will have to spend Christmas Eve putting it together. Hopefully it's not too hard ;)

I'm SO excited because we have a super fun evening planned tonight!! We're heading to Toys R Us to do a little more Christmas shopping. Then we're going to dinner at the Cheesecake factory with our friends and their kiddos. And after that, we're all going to Snowflake Lane!! I'm stoked! The last time we went, was 2011 & I was pregnant with Easton! It's awesome. It's a "holiday spectacle of live toy soldier drummers, music snow characters, glittering lights, all surrounded by snow falling along the streets." Check out my snowflake lane posts from 2011 & 2010. :)

Oh!!! And my little nephew, Cooper's, 1st Birthday is this weekend as well!! I can't believe the little guy is turning ONE already! It's going to be a good weekend.

What are your plans this weekend??


Stephanie @ The Good Stuff said...

Love your cute snowflake mug!

Jess Beer said...

I love love that kitchen and almost bought it...and then thought I'd wait until she's bigger. Your boys should love it though!

Karen said...

Have a fun night! Any night with cheesecake is a good one in my book. I also signed up for ipsy and I should get my first glambag in the next week or so - I'll let you know what I think! I never tried BirchBox but was itching for some sort of monthly treat-by-mail!! And also, the Santa pic is totally cute. I cried just about every year seeing Santa...he was scary!!

Erika said...

Love snowflake lane! We went last year, but for some reason Robbie was terrified the entire time. lol.

Courtney said...

Yeah, I need a hot chocolate intervention. I've been having a cup(or two) of ol swiss miss a day. It's so good.

I'm totally loving that you're in the kids santa picture. That is all kinds of amazing.

And lastly, order the spicy cashew chicken tonight at Cheesecake Factory. It'll change your life.

Katie said...

MMM I love hot chocolate with melty marshmallows.

Jennifer Bosse said...

We also got a kitchen for the boys! It's Melissa & Doug though. When I saw this one above, I could've kicked myself. I really love the style. We already assembled the one we purchased though, so no going back now. And I do think they will like it!

Sounds like you're going to have a great weekend! :)

Rachel said...

Probably the toy I remember most from childhood is the Fisher Price kitchen that we had...my Mom got it at a garage sale, and it's currently in my Uncle's house where it's played with by my 8 & 7 year old cousins, so that little kitchen has definitely provided a lot of fun to a lot of kids!! I think that would be a great gift!

Ashlea with an a said...

exact same thing happened to me last year, and I look like one hot mess in our photo hah! Great photo though. ps. Ive been LOVING seeing bennett appear on zulilly!

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

that santa pic is too darn cute!!!
hope you had a happy, merry weekend, love!! xx

Mason's Mama said...

Cute picture of you three! You will love IPSY!!!

Fran said...

That kitchen is AWESOME. I would've loved something like that when I was little!