23 January 2014

Guest Post: "You Know You're a Boy Mom When..."

So happy to have Laura from The Everyday Joys with me today!! I've been reading her blog for so long and have come to just love this girl!! She's going to take over my blog for today and talk about some of the things that us Boy Mama's all know a little something about ;) 


I never really pictured what kind of mom I would be. I knew I wanted to be a mom, but I didn't really picture having a boy and a girl, or 2 boys and 2 girls, or...what we have, which is 2 boys.

Hi, I'm Laura, and I'm a boy mom. My son Ethan just turned 3 earlier this month, and Gabe will be 10 months old on the 25th of January. Being a boy mom hasn't necessarily been what I might've expected when we left our first gender ultrasound with Ethan (when we thought HE would be a SHE), and especially after our second gender ultrasound with Gabe (when we also felt HE was a SHE). Surprise! 2 boys! And life? It couldn't be better.

Being a boy mom sure does have its specialties, though.  

You know you're a boy mom when...  

1. Your nightstand (YOUR nightstand) has anywhere from 3-20 Matchbox cars on it at any given time. Or your kitchen floor. Or your kitchen counter. Or your bed itself. Maybe even your shower. What is it with those little cars? They're everywhere! Legos sure hurt when you step on them with bare feet, but have you ever stepped on a Matchbox car? Not much better. Ouch.

2. The toilet seat is often NOT in the position you need it to be in. Granted, only one of my boys is potty training, but when you're the only female in the house, and 2 of the males use the potty, you're outnumbered. It's up often.

 3. Along the same lines, you find Jake and other boy character underwear everywhere. From in your own underwear drawer to his...to your bathroom trash? Kitchen trash? What? It's everywhere. Why is everything everywhere? Is that a boy thing? (Clearly, I'm still learning.)

4. The reading material in your boy's (or boys') book collection mostly consists of books about construction, cars, trucks, tractors, etc. There are so many books out there about every kind of motor vehicle under the sun. Some, I didn't even know they existed until I became a (boy) mom. And it doesn't take a whole lot of studying them for those little boys to remember them all! We live in a development that is still loaded with construction vehicles on a daily basis, and Ethan will ask me, "Mommy, can we go see the _____?" fill in the blank. I'm like, "What's THAT?" My construction vocab doesn't go far beyond backhoe and excavator, and even that is impressive, in my book.

5. Your backyard is also...possibly...a construction zone. A tractor, a sandbox with all kinds of construction vehicles, various shovels laying around for different occasions (dirt-digging, snow-shoveling). We even have a toy hammer still laying by the small tree we planted at the end of the summer. Tools and vehicles galore.

6. Lalaloopsy comes on TV, and there's suddenly an EMERGENCY. "That's for GIRLS!" This used to happen with Dora, too, but I think Ethan realized Dora isn't just for girls. Of course, he'd prefer Diego, but Dora will do. But Lalaloopsy? That comes on, and if you're not changing it within half a second, there's panic. Heaven forbid the boy watches something with pink on the screen.

7. You just went grocery shopping, but already, you're out of food. Surprisingly, this one applies to Gabe more than it does Ethan. Ethan was an okay eater as a baby, and has gotten worse as he's gotten older. Each meal, it seems, is a struggle. But Gabe? That boy will eat anything in sight. He will cringe when you give him his first spoonful of broccoli, but he'll continue to flail his arms and kick his legs until you give him more...and he'll finish it. We're going to go broke with that one if this trend continues.

Are you a boy mom? Can you relate to any of these things? What could you ADD to this list?


Liane said...

I can totally relate to these and that's just having one boy! I'm glad Emilie's here now to even the playing field :)

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to those. My son has just started really getting into match box cars and they are already taking over my house. Yikes!

undomestic mama said...

Amen! I've found Matchbox cars on the space at the back of the toilet seat (where the seat attaches to the lid) and in my fridge. I have NO idea how they got in the fridge, my boys still don't open it.

Tania T said...

My OH My!I am a boy mommy but I can't relate to those things.YET...My little angel it's only 16months.BUT...
I can see my future coming.
Also I will add 2 more:1)when they see football and the All the noise they make
2)when they play with girls.The girl takes the doll and play how to mom, but the boy takes the doll from the girl to squeeze the head with his truck...