27 February 2014

I need your help to make my blog better.

I will always blog for myself, and about things that are important to me. This is after all, my little corner on the internet. However, I value my readers so so much. And I think it's perfectly possible to find a balance between blogging for me, and also writing about topics my readers care about (if they fit in with my overall theme). I want to know how you feel & hear your opinions and suggestions.

So with that said, I made a super short survey and I would love love love if you could take the time to fill it out for me! It will really help me to find out a little more about what you all like & don't like. As well as help me find out some other info I've been wondering about... some of the more boring, analytical stuff.

It is an anonymous survey, which kind of scares me because people tend to let their claws come out a little more when they don't have to share their identity, but I do want your honest opinions. I can take it. I think. :) Thank you, thank you!



Amber said...

I've been meaning to do this on my blog! Off to fill yours out for you :)

Tania T said...

I was trying to do it but the link says ''This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance .'' So check it out.