22 February 2014

The things I say Yes To! + a giveaway!

*Many thanks to Yes To for sponsoring this post, and nourishing my face naturally*

When you stay at home with your 4 & (almost) 2 year old boys, you find yourself saying 'No' to a lot of things.

"No, you can't eat the entire box of Cheezits"
"No, you can't "fly" on the counter!"
"Please don't dump my tampons in the toilet, no they don't need to swim like fishy's"
"Please don't run out into the front yard in nothing but your skivvies"
"No, no, no. Just no."

You catch my drift.

But there are some things, I am more than happy saying 'Yes' to. In fact, when I can say Yes to something... I get warm fuzzies. So here are some of those things:

Date Nights

Playing trains with my kiddos


Target trips

 Yummy dessert

Lots of outside pool time in the Summer

New cardigans

 Exploring the city

Impromptu walks outside

Nourishing skincare products

I was introduced to Yes To products a few months back when I had the privilege of working on a previous campaign with them, and I immediately loved their products. And now, I have the opportunity to introduce you to their fragrance free collection. Which, for the record, is equally as amazing as the previous products I received.

Pictured above: 
Yes To Gentle Cleansing Wipes
Yes To Exfoliating Cleanser
Yes To Daily Facial Moisturizer
Yes To Daily Cream Facial Cleanser
Yes To Intense Hydration Night Cream

If you have sensitive skin, or don't like strong scents... or maybe you just love awesome bath products, these are for you!! Seriously blown away with how nourishing these all are. My favorite is the Night Cream! I know I kinda sound like an infomercial right now, but there is really no other way to put it.

Something to note! The entire Yes To Fragrance Free collection is 20% off right now at yestocarrots.com! :)

Okay and lastly, Right now, Yes To is running a pretty sweet giveaway! You can enter to win one of 500 of the Fragrance Free Towelettes!! All you have to do is click here to go to their FB page & enter.

Good luck!!


Chelsea said...

That looks pretty amazing to me :) Cory and I really need to work on doing more date nights! And those Yes To! products-- aren't they amazing?!

Kelly M. said...

I have to laugh - I was shoving my face full of cheezits as I started to read this post. Ha. On a different note, these products look pretty amazing! Definitely heading over to the giveaway! I might need those towelettes to wipe the cheezit crumbs off my face. =)

Julie S. said...

Loving my Yes To products! great post :)

Courtney said...

I love this post. It doesn't feels "sponsored", it feels like home. You're awesome!

Whitney H said...

mmmmm, that dessert looks amazing! ;) I love Yes To products!

Kala Bernier said...

Hey hun I nominated you for Liebster award, because I love your blog! visit the link below to see all the details! I hope you participate.

Diana @ wonderfully made. said...

YES to date nights, totally! And I love "yes to" cosmetics, especially the cucumber! I need to say YES to exercise...I just need the motivation! Any tips?!

Karly Gomez said...

Ha ha ha, your "no"s sound a lot like mine. The joys of raising children, eh?
Is there another standard brand you would compare Yes To! facial products with?
Like when I ran out of my MK 3-in-1 cleanser, I had to research to find a drug store comparative and ended up with Aveeno Nourishing Facial Scrub, and it worked great and I didn't really experience any of the "adjustments" involved in the skin getting used to new product. Especially the breakout phase, thank God. So is there a brand you think it's similar or better to?

Fran said...

that dessert looks amazing!

Stephanie Clark said...

Can I say yes to that dessert and you send me some because that looks amazing! and YES to Yes to Carrots. Really good stuff! =)

Jamie F said...

I love your list of "yes" sometimes we do say no to much! I have never tried Yes to Carrots, but you have definitely sparked my interest!

Joni said...

I actually really love the scented Yes to products so I am not sure if I will love these. But only because they are unscented and not because they aren't amazing products.