28 March 2014

5 Reasons I Love Photography

I realized I hardly ever talk about photography anymore. Which is silly because it's my hobby, my passion and my profession. I am just one of those people that tends to keep work & personal stuff separate. However, considering how much I love photography... there is definitely a place for it here on my personal blog. If you haven't been to my photography website lately, you should hop over there and check it out! I recently did a complete overhaul and redesign of my site. I think I'm pretty happy with it so far, it's not 100% done but it's getting close!!

So because I've really had photography on the brain lately (well I suppose I'm always thinking about it), I decided to write a little list of the reasons I enjoy photography. There are about a hundred reasons why I love it, but here are my top five.

1) Family keepsakes & mementos. 
This one is a "duh". I think it's safe to say that if you were to survey 100 people, and ask what they would grab out of their house first if it was on fire -- they would all respond with "Pictures!" (whether it be prints or a digital hard drive). Photos are invaluable and so so important for our posterity. We are so blessed to have the technology now to make it SO easy to take and keep photographs of our loved ones. They are the single most important thing that we can pass down.

2) It allows me to develop a talent.
I strongly believe that we are all blessed with certain talents and abilities. Some we notice right away, and others are developed over time. The thing I love so much about Photography, is that there is always room to grow and learn. There's something special, and gratifying about nurturing a talent and being able to look back and see how my particular skill has changed over the years. It's pretty inspiring.

3) I can give back.
Do I love pictures of my own family? Absolutely. But being able to help others capture milestones and help them to preserve those memories is so rewarding!! Nothing makes me happier then a client who invests in and appreciates my ability to help them capture who they are, and who their family is. A picture may just be a snapshot in time, but it represents our lives and our significance here on earth. Sounds cheesy, but it's true. So thankful to be able to offer my time & talent, and produce something tangible for people to keep and pass along to loved ones.

4) Helps me be more aware & appreciative.
Photography has an incredible ability to help me be more aware of my surroundings. Since becoming a photographer, I've been able to find beauty in seemingly insignificant places. I've learned to appreciate things like architecture, nature, animals and all of the other things we so often take for granted. Because I can look through my camera lens and see something totally different than the average passerby-er. Sometimes it actually annoys the people with me, because I'll want to stop and take a pictures of something that other people might think is a waste of time. But like I said, I find things so much more interesting now that I'm a photographer.

5) Me time.
Obviously, I love taking pictures of my boys. But I feel like when I step away from my 'mom life' to take photos of clients, or just go out and start shooting for fun, it gives me some of the best alone time ever. It allows me to kind of disconnect from everything else going on and just enjoy myself, doing something I genuinely love to do. It really does refuel my tank a little and helps me to keep balance in my life.

Gosh I can think of like at least 10 more things I want to list. But I'll stop here for now! :)

Are you a photography lover as well?? What are your favorite things to take pictures of?


Ruthie said...

I am a photographer too and I think my favorite is either families or weddings!! Something about all the emotions in both makes me so happy :)

Brandi said...

Oh my goodness, I remember reading that you did photography but it never actually registered in my brain that you are a real true life photographer!! I always love the pics of your boys because the boys are adorable and your pictures are great! It makes so much more sense now :-). I love, love, love to take pictures - of my family, friends anywhere we travel too! I have resorted to too many iPhone photos sadly. I would love to be better at it though. I need to take some classes or something. Keep the great pics coming. Love your website too!

Joni said...

I have really been taking my photography further but it can be a bit scary too. I am soooo critical of myself, but I love working with people and giving them a wonderful experience along with their photos.

Linds said...

I love photography too! I really love it because I can take pictures of my boys and not have to pay an arm and a leg for frequent pics of them. :)

Loyal RUN said...

I used to love photography, but then I just stopped..
Now all I do is snap shots with my iPhone.
I finally started a savings so I can get a DSLR and I cannot wait!
I'm so excited to get back into it.
Capturing special moments is the best feeling, when I get it right :)

Julie S. said...

Love this! I am embarrassed to say how long it's been since I have busted out my camera, but with this never ending winter and the fact that I don't have a studio, I haven't exactly been busy! I hope to get back behind the lens soon!

Leah D said...

I do photography on the side. Weddings are my favorite thing to do, other than just the day to day stuff.

Courtney Noah said...

I am a photographer on the weekends and a Social Worker by day. Both of my jobs fuel both of my passions in life.
My absolute favorite thing about photography is capturing people just as they are in that moment in time and my favorite is families. I love being able to capture the interaction between a momma and her babies or a daddy wrestling around with his son. As someone who has already lost a parent, I am forever grateful for the few photos I have of my dad. I only wish there were more (he was always behind the camera too) of us actually interacting with one another.