19 March 2014

A post on the not-so-little one.

Oh my heart. This guy right here? He turns TWO in just a couple of weeks. March 30th to be specific. I just can't comprehend how this is even possible. I feel like I blinked and he went from my teeny baby, to a crawling baby, then I blinked again and he's a full blown toddler. So in light of the fact that he's quickly exiting this current stage of toddlerhood, and entering the Terrible Two's...I felt I needed to dedicate a special post just for him. The last time I updated about him, was back when he was 18 months!

Easton has more personality than I ever thought he'd have. I don't mean that in a bad way, but he was a pretty mellow baby. He just sort of went with the flow and was perfectly content sitting and looking at books and playing quietly by himself. He was a very easy baby, and we were extremely blessed because of that. Around 18 months, though, a new side of him started to emerge, and it's only gotten stronger the closer he gets to age Two.

But, I had to know that his easy-going baby personality wouldn't necessarily translate to his toddler years. Don't get me wrong, he's a very good little boy. But this dude's attitude is fierce. 'No' and 'Mine' have become his is favorite words, and when he doesn't get his way? He gives the dirtiest looks -- I'm talking the STINK eye here people. It's serious business. I really need to get a video because it's quite ridiculous, but cute at the same time. Despite his little 'tude, he keeps me laughing on the daily, always doing the silliest things, and is pretty easily entertained.

Still sleeping wonderfully and taking 2-3 hour naps (most days), though I feel he's starting to shift a little with his sleep schedule, we'll see. I still cloth diaper him, though not as much as I did when he was smaller. I try to use cloth when we're at home, but he wears disposable's at night and when we're out of the house.

He gets along decently well with his big Brother but tends to only want to play when it's his idea. He is usually the one to initiate rough housing, but completely over-exaggerates, whines & cries when things don't go his way. Typical little brother behavior.

Easton is definitely a Mama's boy. He has to be touching me or following me around at all times and has been known to throw a fit if he find me. It's really quite sweet -- except when I just want a minute alone to use the bathroom.

Current obsessions: Dinosaurs (pretty sure he gets this from Bennett), Buzz, Snakes, Finding Nemo, Trains, Bubbles, & playing games on the iPhone/iPad.

Favorite foods: Strawberries, Avocado, Pancakes, Bagels & Cream Cheese, Pepperoni, Chocolate Milk, and Fruit Snacks.

Words: Too many to name. He can repeat pretty much anything we say and talks up a storm on most days, and often uses short phrases and sentences. Though, he doesn't usually talk much around people he doesn't know.

I'm truly impressed with the leaps & bounds that he makes every day, he has such a desire to learn. I like to just sit back and watch his little wheels turn, turn away as he's figuring something out. I thank my Heavenly Father every single day for Easton, and Bennett. I'm thankful they have each other, and together, they bless our family so richly! xoxo


Joni said...

He is adorable. I love that last photo of him! Time sure does fly by so fast. Every child is different, so this isn't to scare you, but Elijah was my easiest baby and now he is 4 and sometimes quite the handful. He is very demanding, sometimes rude, very aggressive with other children, and loves to push his boundaries. He definitely keeps me on my toes. But at the same time, he is my sweetest child, constantly complimenting and thanking those around him, and always kissing and hugging too. Looking forward to watching Easton continue to grow! :)

kristen_lavalley said...

Aww. Two was such a sad birthday for me. Ok not sad, just bitter sweet. It's like the official end of baby days. Sad day. But he is too stinking CUTE.

Jess Beer said...

Such a cutie pie - so crazy he's almost two!

Liz said...

Mine will be two soon also! Which reminds me, I need to take some new photos, too.

Amber said...

Since Easton and I share a birthday and a love of dinosaurs, Target has some plush dinos in their Easter section that are super cute!

Laura Railing said...

This so reminds me of Adrian!! Such an easy baby and then BAM personality and attitude and all! Love it though!!