05 March 2014

Survey part 2! What you like & don't like on my blog.

I posted the results of the first half of the survey yesterday, which I found really interesting! Check out that first post if you haven't seen it! :)

So today, I'm sharing the second half of the survey... the more personal part. But I'm all about transparency and have nothing to hide. And in fact, I think it might be interesting for my readers to see what each other has to say? This will get a little wordy, so if you make it through the whole thing -- I'll be impressed.

Okay so moving onto the results.

Question #7: What would you like to see MORE of on A Sorta Fairytale? (this was an open ended question, so I don't  have a graph to show you, but here are the most common answers)

In order from the most common, to the least. Remember these are out of 100 responses.
  • Marriage.
    22+ of you asked me to write more on my marriage. Y'all want the juicy stuff don't you? ;) But I guess you're right, I don't really talk too much about my marriage on my blog. Mostly because it's a really personal topic that doesn't involve just me. It involves my Husband so I try to be mindful of what I write. But I totally understand why people would want me to open that door a little bit more. So... expect some more marriage posts :) 
  • Personal stories, and "day in the life" type posts.
    15 of you asked me to share more about my every day life. I really could do better in that department. I feel like Instagram has sort of taken over the documentation for those little every day moments, ya know? But as many of you said in the comments, those little moments are the ones that people relate to, so I will try to do more of that :) 
  • Photography.
    13 people asked me to do more photography related posts. Several people asked for me to write on about the business side of owning a photography business, being a work-at-home-mom, and others want more tips & tutorials. I actually used to do a ton of them, but they are fairly time consuming, so I've sort of strayed away from that topic a little! But I promise, I will make more of an effort to cover more of that here.
  • Fashion.
    10 people asked for more fashion posts. Many of you specifically mentioned Stitch Fix, that you wanted to see more of it. Unfortunately, I can only post about Stitch Fix when I get a fix in the mail. And I receive a new fix every 6-7 weeks, so there's that. A couple of you asked for more boys fashion posts... I try to do one post a week, and I think that's probably enough? But we'll see.
    But the rest just asked me to most more "every day fashion." This kind of surprised me because I am definitely not any sort of fashion icon, and don't really know whats "in". But I appreciate this feedback, because it will push me to broaden my horizons a little more. 
  • Parenting.
    10 people asked for me to talk more about my experiences as a Mother. And to give tips on raising boys, dealing with siblings close in age, and dividing my attention. ALL super great ideas!! Thank you for this feedback.
  • Fitness.
    8 people asked me to write more about my fitness journey. I definitely have plans to do this as things come up! I have a few posts started related to fitness, exercise & diet... I just need to finish them :) 
  • Blogging.
    7 people wanted me to talk more about blogging, and give blogging advise & tips. I've done several posts like this in the past and I do enjoy it. So I'll see what I can do. :)
  • And the rest of the responses were in the minority. But some of the miscellaneous requests were:

    Me - A few of you said you just want to know more about me. A couple of you said that I talk tons about my kids (obviously), but that you want me to talk about myself more. That's interesting feedback, but I like it. I'll do that.

    -  I wish I could say I would promise more of this, but I can't. I'm not the craftiest person in the world, and I certainly am not the most patient person either. But if I do anything of interest, I will definitely share it on my blog.

    Beauty & Makeup - A few asked for more beauty & makeup tutorial and tips. Will try to do a few more here and there, if the mood strikes. :)

    Faith & Religion - Just a couple of you asked me to talk about my faith more. I decided a while ago that I wasn't going to get too much into my faith here on my blog, because usually, it's a hot button topic. Which leads me to the next responses...

    Hot Button Topics - A couple of people asked me to share my feelings on some "hot button" issues. I'm flattered that you want to know my opinions, but I treat this subject the same as Faith & Politics. I steer clear of it, for the most part, because it's super personal and I do not like controversy on my blog. And while I know that most of my readers would be totally respectful, I'm kind of nervous to open myself and my blog, up to criticism.

Question #8: What would you like to see LESS of on A Sorta Fairytale? (this was an open ended question, so I don't  have a graph to show you, but here are the most common answers)

I'm being completely honest with you, MOST of you said "nothing", or "n/a" in response to this question. Which means that there isn't anything you want me to post LESS about. I'm super flattered, but I'm thinking that people were just being nice. lol. But there were a few of you that spoke up and and told me you wanted to see LESS of these types of posts:
  • Sponsored Posts.
    Only 6 of you said you wanted to see less sponsored content. I used the word "only" because at first I was totally expected that this would be a common answer. But I guess when I think about it a little more, since 65% of survey takers said they don't mind sponsored posts (re: part 1 of the survey results), the fact that only 6 spoke out about wanting to see less... makes perfect sense.

    And I suppose that in the grand scheme of things, I really don't do many sponsored posts. I do 1-2 a month. And considering that I post usually 5 days a week. That's only 2/20 posts that are sponsored. But for those that asked to see less, if I'm being honest, I'm not sure I'm willing to do that. I wrote a post a little while back explaining why I write sponsored content, if you have a minute, give it a read, might help explain a little.
  • Boys Fashion.
    4 of you asked for fewer boys fashion posts, but specified that it was because you didn't have children of your own, so they didn't interest you. Which I completely understand!! I do the weekly boys fashion post... not sure how long I'll continue it. But maybe I can change it to a bi-weekly post? 
  • Stitch Fix.
    3 people asked for less Stitch Fix posts. I can actually see why those might be annoying. So many bloggers are doing them now and so they probably get really old... especially if you aren't into fashion. The interesting thing here, though, is that for the 3 people that don't like them, 4x that amount of people asked for MORE of them. The good news is, as I said above, I only get a Stitch Fix every 6ish weeks... so there isn't too many of those posts that you'd have to skip (if you don't like them).
  • Some of the other responses:

    One person mentioned less photography stuff, one person asked for less makeup related posts, and one person said they don't like vlogs. So I guess it's a good thing I don't like making them. lol.

Question #9: On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate the content on A Sorta Fairytale Blog? (10 meaning you really enjoy the content, and 1 meaning you hate it)
I don't know why it's not showing '10' on, but I promise it was a scale of 1-10 on the survey. lol.

My thoughts on these results:

My overall average rating was an 8.34%. Again, I'm actually kind of surprised. I really thought it would be lower, I'm not exactly sure why. But I'm really happy that my readers are generally enjoying my content! If I had surveyed 100 or 200 more... I'm not sure if this would have stayed the same, but I'd like to think so.

Question #10: If you could describe my blog in one word, what would it be?

I decided it would be fun to make a cute word cloud, so I entered all 98 of your words (two people didn't put words in) into wordle and viola! The largest words are the most common responses, down to the smaller words that were used less frequently.

I admit, the only word I wasn't sure about, was someone described my blog as "vanilla". At first, I didn't know what that meant, but my husband was kind enough to inform me that they likely meant that it's "bland", "common, or "plain". lol. Hope I can somehow break that mold, but if not, I guess I'm okay with being Vanilla. ;)

But seriously, after reading all of your responses to this question, I am so humbled. And I am grateful that my blog comes across in a positive light, because that is how I try to live my life.

And it really is refreshing to see your thoughts & opinions, the good & the not so good. I'm open to suggestions and I'm always trying to learn and grow.

So thank YOU for your honesty and enlightenment!


Courtney said...

Yay Mandy! That's about as great of a survey that you could hope for in cyberspace :)

Megan Peter said...

I missed filling out the survey, but I do know that yours is one of my favorite blogs and I will check my blog reader at least 3x a day looking for new content and yours is the first I click on. Personally, I like things like the Stichfix BECAUSE I'm not into fashion and feel awkward trying on things at the store- seeing them on you, another mom, gives me insight into what does or does not work, and I like that. Plus, I have a little boy the same age as yours (and a baby girl, too) so I enjoy the kids posts, and I'm also a fellow photographer so I like the working mom tips too. Really, I wouldn't change anything about your blog- just keep up the good work and know that we, your readers, appreciate your thoughtfulness, hard work, and dedication. Thanks, Mandy!

Amy Nielson said...

this is awesome! I bet it was fun & scary to see the results... haha. Maybe if I ever build my readership back up I'll do something like this, I love the idea :)

Krista said...

This was so interesting. I'd love to know what others think of my blog but I think I have about 20 readers. LOL

Discovery Street said...

love that you shared the results...it's helpful in so many ways! :)

Rj and Jessie said...

I don't think you're vanilla at all. I love your blog!

Fran said...

If it helps at all, I love your boy fashion posts even though I don't have kids, your boys are just so darn cute!