25 March 2014

The weird and quirky things I do.

I don't get embarrassed very easily and for the most part, I have nothing to hide. But we all have those silly things we do when we're alone and in the privacy of our own home -- or car. You know the things I'm talking about....the silly, quirky things that make you unique. Or maybe not so unique once you realize other people do those things, too.

I don't eat melted cheese.
Some of you  might know this, because it's hard to hide from my friends. But I don't eat melted cheese of any kind. It's disgusting to me and makes me want to gag. Yes, that means that I order my pizza without cheese. People usually assume it's because I'm allergic to dairy, and I don't correct them because I always get funny looks when I say "No, I just don't like my cheese melted." This is something that I hate, and I have tried really hard to eat it, but I just can't. But cheese in it's solid brick form? Gimme.

I HAVE to wear sunglasses in the sun.
I know, "duh, sunglasses are for the sun". But if I leave the house and forget my sunglasses, I start to panic. I literally cannot stand being outside when it's sunny and having to squint. It gives me a headache and my eyes tear up very easily, so there goes all my makeup. I have no less than 4 pairs of sunglasses around at all times. A pair in my car, in my Husband's car, in the house, and in my purse. And in the Summer, I keep a pair in my camera bag as well. Gotta have 'em.

I eat Bac-os out of a jar. 
If you don't know what Bac-os are, then whatever. But they are these fake little bacon chips, and they taste really good. I have them in the house because I like to add a little bit of crunch to my salads. But sometimes, I sneak in the cupboard and dump a little bit in my mouth for a snack. Weird, I know.

I use way too much shampoo. 
I have like the thinnest hair ever and could probably get away with using like a pea sized amount of shampoo, but instead, I use like gobs and gobs of it. I even got the pump shampoo bottle so I can manage how much I'm using. In my defense, though, I get the cheapy shampoo because I know I go through it really quickly. lol

I crack my knuckles constantly. 
It's a really bad habit but I can't stop, I don't even realize that I'm doing it most times. It's a compulsion I think.

I buy a ridiculous amount of mascara.
If you were to look in my makeup bag right now, I would have like 9 different mascaras in there. I don't know why, but I'm always buying new mascara, I like to try out different kinds/brands. I would say I have a problem.

When I'm alone in the car, I listen to R&B/hip hop music and make up choreography to the music in my head. 
I'm sure this all stems from growing up in the dance studio, it's ingrained in me to visualize dancing when I hear a good song. But I specifically love listening to hip hop/rap/r&b, which surprises a lot of people actually. I like listening and moving to things that have a little swag. ;)

I still sleep with a blanket. 
Granted, it's not my "baby blanket" or anything, but I sleep with one of those super soft micro-plush blankets. I've had for like 7-8 years now and I can't sleep without it. It always has to be touching my face when I'm sleeping. I'm like a baby in that way I guess. Waaaa.

I pick the marshmallows out of Lucky Charms.
It's true. I'm no better than a 4 Year Old. Those little marshmallows are addicting and I am 100% guilty of picking them out and eating them by the handfuls. This is why I can't have that kind of cereal in the house. Sorry kids, you don't get fun kids cereal because your Mom can't control herself.

Okay, so now I feel like I told you all the things about me that prove I'm a complete weirdo.

Tell me some of your quirks. So I don't feel so silly.


Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Oh my gosh Mandy, this post is hilarious! I love all your quirks! But I do totally think you're a weirdo for not liking melted cheese. I could live off that stuff! :) Hmmmm, a quirk of mine... I have to set my alarm clock for an odd time - even numbers drive me crazy! So, on work days it's usually set for 6:03 or 6:17 depending on if I need to shower. :)

Fran said...

Cracking knuckles and listening to music and making up choreography in my head RIGHT HERE. I also crack my toes... I think it's left over from doing ballet when I was younger but it drives me crazy when they won't pop sometimes haha

Autumn said...

I like eating things straight out of the can...and obviously, cold. It drives my husband nuts.

Also, I kept on trying to figure out if the signature at the end of the post is supposed to be there? It really threw me off because I kept thinking I was at the wrong blog, but your name is Mandi, and not Jacqueline.

Krista said...

Such a fun post! Here's a weird thing about me. I have to put my makeup on in the car. If we are going to a fancy event, I MIGHT do it at home. But 99% of the time, I do it in the car. Before I had kids I'd do it at stoplights. Now I just sit in the parking lot of wherever we're going and slap it on. (I have my routine pretty streamlined and can do it in about 4 minutes.)

Whitney M. @ The Married Me said...

I don't know how you get by without eating melted cheese! Its the shit! And pizza without cheese...I just don't know about that :)

Although those little marshmallows? They are the bomb(dot)com.

Kelly M. said...

Bac-os....yum!! I used to eat these out of the jar when I was younger and my mom had to hide the jar when she needed it for recipes because I would eat them all!

And you know how there are big forks/spoons and small forks/spoons in the utensil sets? I will only eat with the small ones...if I end up with a big one, I'll go get a new (small) fork.

Courtney said...

My brother hates cheese and his whole life has always ordered pizza without it! Him and my dad both always have to order things "plain, no cheese" and servers are always like "whaaa???" I don't think it's that complicated, but apparently it is!

I'm with you on the sunglasses. Best thing about not having kids in the car is that you can blare your music ridiculously loud. So great.

Miranda Ronevich said...

I am a cheese lover, in all of its forms!
Hmm, my quirks...I am a nail biter, literally I have bit my nails everyday since I could remember. I dont know why and I hate it, but i dont even notice that I do it anymore. Maybe they'll invent something to prevent it from happening-maybe that wont taste awful.
I also always wear mismatched socks. Everyday. Even if I but a new bundle of them, i purposely mismatch!

Jess Beer said...

Soooo I love melted cheese so much sometimes I eat it by itself. And I wonder why I'm needing to lose weight? Haha. And I don't buy Lucky Charms for the exact same reason! Give me all the deliciousness.

EMILY =) said...

I don't eat condiments of any kind. I can't stand the smell and won't touch them either! It's sort of a phobia! In know, crazy!

Erinn said...

car choreography! It's basically the only reason my dance students have choreography at all to work on.........

JenniferAStreet said...

I am the same with the soft blanket against my face thing.. guess were big baby's together, LOL

Jenn @ hello, rigby! said...

i'm totally the same way with blankets! it's probably because i totally had a blanket obsession as a baby, and it's just never gone away.

xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

Stephanie Clark said...

Okay so I'm the same way with sunglasses. I also wear them when it's cloudy/overcast because I think it's actually brighter when the clouds are like light gray... I used to think it was because I wear contacts, but then my wedding photographer told me that people with light pigmented eyes are more sensitive to the sun/light and it made total sense. I always tell my clients that now when they are yelling at their kids to open their eyes!

another quirk I guess - I prefer my drinks to be over ice and the ice melted JUST a little bit. My husband prefers no ice ever and his brother actually drinks sodas hot - it drives me crazy - so gross!

Valerie Scott said...

This is AWESOME...I am exactly the same with sunglasses. Always, always wearing my sunglass and will freak out if I find that I don't have them. Even if its not that sunny I absolutely hate squinting and will probably have my glasses on.

Tania T said...

I say:Ladies we have a problem!I have readen all the comments and I can say that sometimes men are right when they say that women are from another planet.It's a fact that men are simple.Anyway Iam not different from all these ladies , so I'll confess my weird things.If you know Monica from FRIENDS you will understand the kind of compulsive person I am.That's a lot of things going on here.PLUS I am still sleeping hugging my first baby pillow and I am 31y.old...crapp!

Rachel said...

Pizza without cheese?? That's pretty strange. But I have a blanket and I can't sleep without it, either. If I accidentally get into bed and it's not already there, I will really get up and go looking for it. The husband thinks I'm crazy.

Amanda Jillian B said...

I cracked my knuckles just reading it, and I buy makeup just based on the name and I barely use it lol.

ashlyebrink said...

I still sleep with a blanket too...one that my Grandma made me when I was maybe in grade school or middle school. I have the slightest panic attack when I travel and realize that I've left it at home. (It even came with us to our wedding/honeymoon in Jamaica...) so... I can relate :)

Laura @ The Everyday Joys said...

Haha. I love these. I must admit, I've never heard of someone who didn't like melted cheese! That's funny. Pizza without melted cheese???? :) As for the blanket thing, I don't have "a" blanket, but the blanket must be touching my face also.

Julia @ The Everyday Momma said...

I love this post! The best 'get to know me' one you have done so far! I choreograph in my head all the time as well! I always have dreams of getting back in some sort of class like hip-hop, but I never have the guts and I don't think they have those classes for adults by me. I am a knuckle cracker as well. It's really bad and my step-dad always tells me I am going to get arthritis. I even crack my big toe 'knuckle' I have to do it when I am in bed!

Leah D said...

I am the same exact way with the sun and sunglasses. I have to have them and it just ruins my day if I don't. I'm that way, too, with chapstick. I need one everywhere.

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