04 March 2014

Your survey results, part 1

A little while back, I asked my readers to take a quick, 10 question survey. The first half of the survey focused on more general questions such as "When do you do most of your blog reading?" and "What are your favorite topics to read about?"

And the second part of the survey asked a few more specific questions about the content on my blog. The answers varied quite a bit and it was fascinating to see what you all thought about my blog. And considering it was anonymous, I'm impressed with how kind everyone was. I've always known it, but I really do have some of the best readers ever!

And because this entire survey was about understanding my readers thoughts & opinions more, I thought it would be fun to share some of the results with you all!

This first post will consist of the analysis from the first half of the survey. And could be interesting to ALL bloggers. But stay tuned for part 2, because that one will address some of the more personal things you had to say (good & bad!).

Note: I shut the survey down after 100 responses were collected, just so you can get a feel for how many people were surveyed, when looking at percentages.

Question #1: When Do You Typically Do Your Blog Reading?
37% said they read blogs in the morning.
25% said they read blogs mid-day.
25% said they read blogs in the evening.
15% said they read blogs right before bed.

My thoughts on these results:

It's pretty evenly split between morning, mid-day & evening. I have always published my posts early in the morning (6am-ish), kind of just assuming that's when most people spend time reading blogs. But turns out that isn't the case! Good to know!!

Question #2: In a Typical Day, About How Much Time Do You Spend Reading Blog Posts?

When averaged out, the majority of people answered that they spend +/-2 hours per day reading blogs. The highest response I received was 4 hours. And the lowest was 5 minutes.

My thought on these results:

There wasn't a graph for this one, so I had to do the math myself. lol. But I was a little bit surprised by the average reading time of 2 hours per day. I expected it to be lower than that.

Question #3: How do You Usually Read Blogs?

52% said they read blogs from their computer.
48% said they read blogs from a mobile device.

My thoughts on these results:

Can't say I'm surprised here. Considering how easy it is to read blog posts from our phones/iPad's these days... I expected to see this. And it kinda confirms my thoughts on why comments have decreased in the past 6 months or so. Which is to be expected. Have you tried leaving comments from your phone? Pain the butt. 

Question #4: What Are Your Favorite Topics To Read About? (this was a multiple choice answer)

Parenting: 83%
Crafting/DIY: 49%
Recipes: 50%
Beauty/Makeup: 34%
Blogging: 32%
Photography: 35%
Fashion: 37%
Marriage: 59%

'Other' Responses were: Faith, Mental Health, Home Decor, Personal Stories, Fitness, Vacations, Organization, Budgeting, Hot Button Topics, Life

My thoughts on these results:

These turned out kinda the way I expected. Parenting + Marriage win this one. Although I did expect more people to choose "photography", since that used to be the core of a lot of my readers. But I suppose my readership has changed a little over the past year or two, which is totally fine.

Question #5: How Often Do You Read A Sorta Fairytale Blog?

48% said they read daily
48% said they read a few times a week
4% said maybe once a month
0% said rarely

My thoughts on these results:

All I have to say is thank you all so much for frequenting my blog so often!! So grateful for you. xoxo

Question #6: How Do You Feel About Sponsored Content On Blogs?

7% said they enjoy reading it
65% said they don't mind it
22% said they don't like it
6% said they hate it

My thoughts on these results:

Honestly? I'm shocked. I really really expected that more people would "hate" sponsored content. I'm super surprised that most people don't mind it and in fact, a few people really enjoy it. This is probably the most interesting analysis from the first part of the survey!

And that's it for today!! What do you think about these questions & results? Is it what you would have expected?? 

Be sure to come back tomorrow! Some of you had really strong opinions about what you wanted to see more & less of here on my blog, and I'm going to share some of that with you all :)


Tiffany said...

I love that you did this! And most of it is pretty spot on with what I was thinking. I do most of my reading in the mornings and at night when I am relaxing. And I love the topics that you highlighted too. I will say though, that I don't mind an occasional sponsored post, but when it seems to take over a blog I stop following. Because then I miss the actual day to day content at used to be there.

Hayley! said...

This is awesome! I need to do something like this! Pretty insightful (although, it could have been more insightful, haha)!

Eva Marie Taylor said...

I really want to do a blog survey, too! I changed the time I'm posting my blogs this week from morning to around 4:30 EST to see if there's a difference.
Eva Marie Taylor

Cheryl Enlow said...

Oh great to know and good idea on the survey. I have to say I am personally shocked about the marriage posts. Very very interesting.

jessica | piganddac said...

Super interesting! I'm kind of shocked too about the amount of time spent reading blogs, 2 hours?! Man I'm lucky if I spend 30 minutes a day reading blogs! Thanks for sharing these results with us, I loved looking through these graphs.

Fran said...

Such interesting feedback, I always assume most people do their blog reading in the morning so if I'm behind and I'm working on a post and it's not ready by the morning, I always schedule it for the next day and skip that day so this was interesting hah