07 April 2014

12 Awesome DIY Spring Wreaths

As I've mentioned before, I'd say second to Summer -- Spring is my favorite season. The rain leaves something to be desired, but the flowers and pretty colors outside sorta kinda make up for it.

I don't really consider myself to be a very good DIYer, but I'd like to think I could make myself a wreath if I wanted to. I've had my eyeballs on a few I found while cruising Pinterest. At a glance, they all seem fairly doable, don't you think?


I haven't actually made a wreath before... I don't know why because I have quite a few supplies to do it. But no more putting it off, I'm goin' for it this year! And if it turns out well,  I wanna make one for every season. I haven't decided which one I'm going to attempt to make this Spring, though, but I'm leaning toward #3. The burlap is calling my name. But then again, I also love the simplicity of #11. Even I couldn't screw that up, right? ;-)

Have you made a wreath before? If so, what style did you make and did you find it to be easy and worth while? 


Rebekah @ Living Lavender said...

These are all so adorable. Now I'm itching to make my own.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at different wreath ideas the other day. Love some of these!

Anni S said...

Very cute!!

I was browsing through the whole internet to find a nice one for our new home... Geez do you know how expensive a nice wreath is???
DIY rules :oD

Thanks for sharing!

Meg O. said...

I'll take #1 and #11, please and thank you ;)

Tania T said...

I'm doing wreaths all the time!Just love them!
The most easy+quickly wreath is to do it with a metal hanger for base and burlap stripes.I'm sending you a link from pinterest that it shows the way you can do it .Then you can decotated as you like.

the link is www.pinterest.com/pin/105693922476448501/

Fran said...

Love them all! I did a Moss Wreath for spring and I love it but I'm kind of getting the itch to switch up for something like #5 - the tulips just call my name! haha

Samsam Cherie said...

Love your blog! I just thought I'd let you know that I've nominated you for the "Very Inspiring Blog Award" because I think you do a fancastic job here on your blog and I definitely hope you keep writing! I always love reading your posts :) Keep up the great work!

Mason's Mama said...

#1, 3 & 9 are my favorites. Can't wait to see what you decide.