30 April 2014

Discovery Park

Am I a horrible Mom that I opted out of Bennett's school field trip to go exploring with my kiddos?? I feel kinda bad about it, but I when I heard that we were going to be having 70/80 degree whether this week, I got this itch to find a new place to take the kids to.

I decided on Discovery Park! I've been there for photo shoots, but I haven't taken my kids before. This park is absolutely huge. It sits on 530 acres, overlooking the Puget Sound. It actually occupies most of the former Fort Lawton site, which is an old military base. While there are trails throughout the park, you actually have to drive to get to a lot of the sites because it's so enormous. We spend a lot of our time around the old officer's quarters, exploring the old colonial looking buildings.

Discovery Park also has a beach area, but there's only 8 parking spots down there and you have to have a permit to park there... but that fiasco is neither here nor there.

Long story short, we got the kiddo's down to the beach eventually and they were in absolute heaven!! They've been to beaches before but this one has an old lighthouse (built in 1881!), it was a pretty big hit with the kids. But they spend most of their time dragging around driftwood, throwing rocks and collecting seashells... everything you'd expect little boys to do :)

Thanks to my Mama for this photo! :)
I am so grateful for this time I have with my boys, they are so much fun to hang out with. It can be hard to pack up in the mornings and get everyone ready to go, especially since we have to drive over an hour sometimes. But once we're out, I love to stand back and watch them explore things. Our trip out to Discovery Park made me so so excited for Summer!!


Karren said...

Your pictures make me miss the PNW!! I had a difficult time adjusting to living in WA during the first two years when we lived there.. I didn't fully appreciate how beautiful and awesome it was until our last year there. (Figures right?)

Laura Railing said...

I have yet to go there!! What a beautiful place!!!

Leah D said...

All of these pictures are BEAUTIFUL! And that location looks great for photoshoots.