09 April 2014

Evenflo Platinum Symphony DLX Review #evenfloplatinum

*I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One network. All opinions are my own.

I think we are all familiar with Evenflo's baby products! They make everything from strollers to high chairs, baby gates to carriers, and jumpers to baby bottles.  They also have a fabulous line of car seats, and that's what I'm here to talk about today!!

Car seat safety is so so important to me. And even more so after I was involved in car accident last year. And unfortunately, Easton was with me when it  happened. There is nothing more scary than the moments following an accident, wondering if you're child is alright. Luckily, we were all okay, but ever since then, I've been super picky and selective about which car seats we use.

Recently, I was presented an opportunity to test out the Evenflo Platinum Symphony DLX All-in-one Car Seat. Before I agreed, I looked it up and researched it, and was really excited about the things I read.

When it arrived, I opened the box and my first impression was "Wow! This thing is stylish! I love the colors and design." Besides it's appearance, though, I could immediately tell how well made it was, and that it felt extremely sturdy. It comes with a body pillow for those with rear facing infants, it looked so comfortable, but I took it out since my kiddos are a little bigger now. ;)

Some of the features that impressed me the most about the Evenflo Platinum Symphony car seat are:
  • Accommodates children between 5-11lbs! So pretty much my kids will be in this seat until they're teenagers ;) Okay, well until they're at least 7 or 8. 
  • Outlast Performance Fabric. This seat uses temperature regulating fabric, that absorbs hot and cold temperatures, releasing it as needed. This is so awesome for the kiddos that get super hot in their car seats, or in those cold winter months.

    The image on the left is of a child after 30 minutes in a seat with OUTLAST. On the right is the same child who sat in the exact same style car seat and for the same amount of time, but without the OUTLAST performance fabric.
  • Buckle Pockets. These are genius. They're designed to protect from hot buckle burns (as a result from them heating up in the sun) and make it easier to secure your child in the seat without the fuss of having to dig out the straps from under them! Hallelujah!
  • SureLATCH Technology. This makes for super easy and secure installation. All you have to do is click and latch into your vehicle and push down to feel and hear the seat auto tighten.
  • e3 Side Impact. This technology will significantly reduce the forces in side impact crashes by 50%, using advanced energy absorption and an expanded zone of protection.
  • One-hand adjustable headrest. You can move this baby up & down to grow with your child.
  • Easy-ff, machine washable car seat pad. This is super important to me. With two little kids, things get messy and being able to easily wash the fabric is a must.
  • Up-front multi-position reclines for comfort. If you rake road trips, this is awesome!! You can recline the seat quite a bit, making it easier for them to take a little snooze while on the road.

Both of my kiddos fit well in this seat. And I absolutely love how easy it is to adjust the shoulder straps and headrest depending on who's using it. Because truth be told, since we've installed it, they have been fighting over who gets to sit in the new car seat ;) Overall, I am very pleased with the Platinum Symphony car seat, I think Evenflo nailed it with this one. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a quality car seat that can grow nicely with your children.


Jess Beer said...

Love love the idea of the fabric and the buckle pockets! So smart.

Joni said...

Wow, that's awesome that they both can fit! And we all know how tall Bennett is, and he fits great. Elijah is super short so I know he will be in a seat until he is in at least 1st grade.

Discovery Street said...

researching convertible car seats took me FOREVER. Glad you found something that works well!

Erika said...

This is the seat Robbie has! He's been using it since he was four months old (he was a big baby and hated his infant seat), and we love it! Ours is the first symphony e3 model (2011....it wasn't one of the recalled seats) without the cupholders though. Lol. :) I love that you don't have to rethread the harness to adjust the height and we love the latches....they are SO easy to attach and tighten. Can't say enough good things about it. :)

Stephanie Clark said...

We have an older version of this seat for Jonah and he's been in it since he was 5 months old and I think he will be able to stay in it until he's probably 5. It's so easy to adjust and just looks so comfortable. I love the headrest compared to other brands too and it seriously looks nice in my car. I'm thinking about getting another one for the new baby and forgoing the infant seat all together, but its such a big purchase and a hard decision to make (plus we really need two - since my husband and I both transport the kiddos a lot).

Kendall Rayburn said...

Holy cow that is cool! I love that they put so much thought into the small details like the fabric! And man is it adorable!!

Summer said...

I love the design too! I have started the search for a new car seat for the baby and will definitely be checking this one out!

Sarah Halstead said...

Sweet. May have to look into this one for the new baby!

Alyson McMahon said...

I am somewhat of a car seat nazi and this one looks great! LOVE the sleek lines and the colors. There's nothing better than a car seat that protects well and is easy to use!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

We have this seat and love it!

Diana Chastain said...

I need one of those! How do get on campaigns like this through One2One network?

The Ramblin Rooster {Ashley Mills} said...

I'm so glad you did this campaign! I have been looking at convertible seats for a few weeks and hadn't even seen this one yet! :) Adding it to my list!