02 April 2014

I am Supermom

I'm here today to debunk the 'Super Mom' myth. There's no such thing, really. Or rather, the term Super Mom should be redefined. Because I'm willing to bet that even the Mama's that appear to have it all together and do it all, are just as frantic and overwhelmed as us 'average-everyday' Mom's. And I'm betting that if you were a fly on their wall... you'd see a messy house, filthy kiddos and loads of frustration.... just like the rest of us.

Let me just break it down for you.

A Super Mom somehow manages to keep her kids from ripping out every single toy they own at the same time and always they also always do as they're told. Supermom always has an immaculately clean house... I'm talking the counters clean enough to eat off of.

Me? Nope. I have a messy house 95% of the time. I do my best to keep the place somewhat presentable. I try to sweep up when my kids spill half their lunch on the kitchen floor, and I also make sure there's a path clear of debris from one room to the next. And to my credit, I do keep them somewhat clean, so there's that. 

A Super Mom is always calm & collected, never raises her voice and gives loving hugs to her children in the middle of their tantrums and somehow they just magically snap out of it and apologize with smile. Oh wait, Super Mom's kids don't have tantrums.

Me? I lose my cool when for the 40th time, I've asked my kids to stop climbing in the dishwasher. Or to quit throwing my unused tampons in the toilet... they are NOT fishy's.

A Super Mom is always put together, and presentable any time she leaves the house. Cute outfit, cute hair, cute clothes. No fuss about it.

Me? I hardly ever get out of my pajamas or put on makeup. And when I do, you can bet my 2 and 4 year old's are sitting next to me scraping out the last of my favorite eye shadow color and grinding it into the carpet.

A Super Mom throws the perfect Pinterest Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Wedding shower, St. Patrick's Day Party, Cinco De Mayo Celebration, and any other kind of party they can think of.

Me? I don't throw my kids a Birthday party at all. I have my reasons, but I still make them feel just as special and loved without the extravagantly planned and executed party. Serious respect and admiration for those that pull those parties off, but me? Ain't got no time for it and my kids don't need it.

A Super Mom always has the cutest, most perfect pictures of her and her kids. They're all smiling and happy... not a care in the world.

Me? There's no way on this planet I'm getting my Two Year Old to pose perfectly with me in a photo. Chances are, he's kicking, screaming and wiggling his way out of the shot the minute the camera comes out.

A Super Mom always has dinner ready right at 5:30pm when her Husband comes home from work. And the kids sit quietly at the table and eat whatever is put down in front of them.

Us? No way do we eat dinner together on a regular basis. And no way in heck am I having a big dinner ready by 5:30-6pm. My Husband and I aren't on the same page when it comes to food... and we're lucky if we can get our kids to eat dinner at all because they are so insanely picky. So... yah.

A Super Mom goes to work all day (or works from home) and is super productive. Get's done with work, goes home, makes dinner, cleans the house, happily plays with the kids, does bath time and gets them to bed on time every single night so she can just vedge out and spend quality time with her Husband.

Me? I hardly get any work done during the days, most of the time I feel completely unproductive. And by the time the day is over... my energy is level is at an all-time low and I'm counting down the minutes until bedtime. Lucky if the Husband and I stay up to spend a few minutes together.

This really is the perfect respresentation of what a "super family" would like like behind the scenes.

And me & my Husband? Let's just laugh and pretend everything is going perfectly!

If you do ALL of the 'super mom' things I listed, you are my hero. I don't mean that sarcastically, I mean that truthfully, give me all your secrets.

But I'm willing to bet that most Mom's.... are a lot like me.

And you wanna know what I think a Super Mom really is?? 

A Super Mom is a Mother that loves her kids more than anything in the world. She may have not have a clean out house, or get any work done during the day, and chances are, she looks like a hot mess the majority of the time -- But dang it, she's trying her best. And that's all we can really expect, isn't it?

 I am Super Mom. And so are you.


Bethany Hutton said...

Haha the thing about the unused tampons made me laugh out loud! :) Great post!

Jess Beer said...

Love this. We're all supermom in our own ways!

Carie said...

Hear hear!! Just reading about Super mum makes me feel a little tired and in need of a nice lie down and a slice of cake!

Hannah said...

oh, I love this :) so true.

Brandi said...

Amen Girl!!

Courtney said...

You're awesome. And that's that.

Karren said...

Preach it, sista! :-) Seriously though--I wish more moms would be honest like this because then I wouldn't feel like crap for not fitting into that super mom category.

Discovery Street said...

amen and amen.

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

Haha! That family picture is exactly how my family would look right about now! Rawley zones out or will throw a fit and Dawson will throw a fit because he wants to run around like a maniac. Yep! Just a typical day over here :)

Renee said...

Wow, I sooooo needed this right now!! As i sit in front of my computer, in my pj's, in my messy house with my two boys fighting, ignoring my work and my study, trying to plan a birthday party for my oldest because people were shocked when i said we weren't having a party!! Planning is officially scrapped! Thank you!! :)

Tara said...

love this!! I struggled and still do struggle with the "I can do it all" mentality. This really makes me feel happy. I am normal. My expectations are not.

Tania T said...

Super mom?And wife?And a sexy lady?And a smart lady?And a cleaning lady?And a chef?And a work machine?And the best friend for her friends?And the best daughter mommy could ever have?And beautiful all the time?Is this true?Yes because if you believe it YOU can make it to be the SUPERTOOL!SUPERTOOL the new word for mommy!Haha I am so happy that I am not a tool!

Rj and Jessie said...

I love this! It's like I wrote it myself.

E Mamakli said...

As a mom of three I made peace with the messes around the house ( toys scattered everywhere anyone :) the rushed feeling during pretty much all my meals, driving like a crazed women from one activity to another and a whole lot of other things! I want to be your version of super mom anyways, the one that loves her kids to pieces and loved back just as much. Great post Mandy! <3 XOXO, Elif @ theboxqueen

Leah D said...

Love this.

Joni said...

The one that stood out the most to me was the Pinterest party one. I have never even had a birthday party for ANY of my kids. NEVER. We always take our kids out as a family to do things together. It's what works for us. I threw a baby shower one time for a friend that would now probably be considered a Pinterest party (this was back before Pinterest) and although it turned out great, I was miserable the entire time from all the stress of trying to make sure it was perfect! Never again!