13 April 2014

My FRESH routine!

*Thanks to Cottenelle for sponsoring today's discussion.

I think we all have certain routines and habits when it comes to our hygiene, yes?  I'm actually super picky about the products I use and the way I use them in my routine. Some of it may be TMI, but in my opinion, as women and Mothers... there's really no such thing as too much information.

So here's a run down of some of the things I do, and products I use to keep fresh!

1) Shower.
Duh. I think it would be ideal if I could shower every day. I'm sure this is the case for most of us. Nothing feels better then getting out of the shower totally clean and refreshed. But it just ain't happenin' every day. Between being at home with my two tiny tornado's, and trying to find time squeeze in work and blogging -- showering sometimes gets put on the back burner.  Unfortunately. But this has me curious, how often do you shower? No lying!

2) Degree Deodorant.
Another given. But I think choice in deodorant makes a HUGE difference. I have tried so many kinds of deodorant but I keep coming back to Degree Clinical Protection (in the 'powder' scent). It really does work the best and keeps me smelling good. Even after my crazy workouts at the gym.

3) Yes To Facial Wipes.
Speaking of the gym, and the times I don't always fit a shower in... these facial wipes are essential. I use them directly after the gym to wipe off my sweaty salty skin and instantly I feel better and a little less sticky.

4) MAC Fix+
This is a hidden treasure. This is like a "finishing spray" of sorts. It has vitamins and minerals with hints of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber. After I get out of the shower, or put on my makeup -- I spritz my face with this, and as cheesy as it sounds, it just feels good on my skin. Sometimes I'll spray a few times just to get that feeling again. But ladies, I'm telling you... you will love this.

5) Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths.
Okay so like I said, no such thing as TMI right?? Let's talk about our bums for a minute. As much as I love toilet paper and all that it does for me, these Cottenelle Flushable wipes are lovely. My Husband and I have been buying them since we were first married.. and even before we had kids!!  Who says moist wipes are just for babies??? No way. I'm all about cleanliness so these definitely have a place in my Fresh Routine. Plus, they are a great help to clean up around the time Aunt Flo arrives. Our lady bits will thank us. Toss the cloth in the toilet and move along.

P.S. There's a $1.50 coupon on Cottenelle's Facebook page, go snatch one up and keep your bum fresh & clean!

6) Dolce & Gobbana Light Blue.
Nothing is more refreshing than a yummy smelling perfume. This has been my go-to perfume for 8 years. EIGHT YEARS I have been wearing this perfume. I wish you could smell it through the computer screen because it's pure heaven. If you haven't had a chance to try this perfume, you're missin' out. GO check it out. 

7) EOS Lip Balm.
I can't go anywhere with out this lip balm. I currently own pretty much every single flavor there is of this stuff. I have one in the bathroom, my bedroom, my purse, my kitchen cabinet "catch all" drawer, and in my car. If my lips are chapped, I just feel icky all around. So this lip balm stays smeared all over my lips all day. Every day.


Jess Beer said...

I'm lucky enough to shower every day...but I think the people in my office would complain if I didn't! Definitely going to be checking out some things on your list though!

Sarah Notes said...

"your lady bits will thank you"--hahaha!!! Too funny! And true O_o
I love D&G Light Blue; it's a close second for me to The One, which is what I've been wearing for the past four or five years :). My MIL is one of those people who can spray anything on, and it smells amazing--so not me! When I find something that works, I stick to it!
I've never heard of Fix+, but I really want some now :)

Tara said...

Is it bad if I say I don't even know how often I shower?! ahh! I squeeze it in when I can. My husband has Crohn's and those moist wipes are a must for this household when his crohns acts up.

Renee said...

I feel pretty lucky to get a shower in every second day! I'm off to google to see if i can find some of these products in lil ole NZ! Especially the MAC Fix+ :)

Fran said...

I shower everyday unless I'm sick, I just can't go a day without showering, though I'm sure this might be different if I had kids haha

Joni said...

I must find the time to shower every day! It's one thing I just can't function without! But, totally not judging because there are days when even a refreshing shower feels like a chore. We started buying these wipes when we started potty training Elijah and I love them. And I totally want to check out that perfume. 8 years says a lot!

Julie S. said...

I shower every day or every other, but I don't always wash my hair every day!

Whitney H said...

I live in Texas, so not showering isn't an option! It's so darn hot here that I sometimes shower even twice a day!