20 May 2014

Mama's got a new toy - the Canon 6D

I've always been a Canon kinda girl when it comes to my photography equipment. I've always used a Canon Camera, and probably always will!

I have been in dire need of a new camera, though, over the past year or so. But I've just been putting it off for one reason or another. Something always seems to come up and take priority. But I decided to just bite the bullet and scoop up a new DSLR while I was feeling impulsive a few weeks ago.

I knew I'd be getting a full frame camera, regardless. What is a full-frame camera?
  • A full-frame DSLR is fitted with an image sensor that is the same size as a 35mm film frame. In contrast to the majority of DSLR's that have cropped (smaller) sensors. Basically, with a full-frame camera, you will get more surface area in your shots, and produce the best high-res images. 
I'll be honest, what I really wanted, was the Canon 5D mkiii. But the cost of it was a huge deterrent. So really it came down to the older Canon 5D mkii or Canon 6D. I researched and read reviews for months, and from what I gathered, the 6D actually came out on top, when compared to the 5D mkii.

So I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the 6D. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and so far, I'm very happy with it!

Here are a few random images I've taken recently with the Canon 6D:

From a newborn session I did! And I admit, editing these photos, baby fever is raging! ;)

And other one.. just can't resist :)


The 6D did great in this situation where Easton was backlit!

Don't even ask what my Husband is doing. lol. But look at that delicious Bokeh in the background!!
It did fantastic with icky bathroom lighting!
From vacation!

I cannot wait to play around more with this camera! I think just based on the few weeks I've used it, I can say honestly, that I made the right choice getting the 6D!

Do you have a DSLR? What do you use, and have you considered a full frame?


Meg O. said...

Oooh how fun!!! What an awesome camera! The photos are beautiful! I've been wanting a new DSLR so bad because I have an old entry-level Canon Rebel XS. It's really old. While I enjoy using it, I would really want something with video capabilities and a screen that can tilt around. I've been looking at the T3i... is there another you would recommend?

Rj and Jessie said...

Gorgeous! I really wish I could afford that beautiful camera!

Loyal RUN said...

This post makes me emotional. LOL silly but just being honest!
I want a camera so badly! I was saving up for one and then ended up having to fork up my savings for an unexpected bill :( One day, though.

Your camera takes such lovely photos! :) And your family is so beautiful!

Courtney said...

Ahhhh I just love your pictures!!

I have a Canon 2Ti and shoot with a 50mm 1.8 lens. I'm slowly but steadily improving my image quality ;)

Heather said...
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Discovery Street said...

gorgeous! I'm still learning the basics of my dslr...but man...love these shots!

Courtney Noah said...

I too am obssessed with the Canon 6D. I am so excited to get mine later this year! I LOOOOVE how it handles backlit images! Your images are awesome, as usually!

Sarah said...

SO beautiful!!!!

Sara said...

This is the camera I want! I bought a canon rebel before I knew anything. I didn't ever think I would shoot on manual. Well I was wrong! I am dying for higher ISO and a full frame. Saving my pennies for the 6D. So glad to hear you love it. I'll be there someday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that bokeh! GORGEOUS. I had heard that about the 6D. Hmmm. I'm intrigued, because anything named Canon + Mark is on my wish list currently as well. I have the 60D currently.

Liz Luscomb said...

It's ironic that you asked if anyone has considered a full frame camera because last week I went on a long explanation to my husband and it ended with me explaining the difference between a full frame and a crop camera. So that was my long answer to saying, YES (!) I've considered buying a full frame camera. However, I think I will stick with the Nikon brand since I'm already familiar with it, but I really like the lighting that Canon's seem to have. (Maybe that's just me, idk, lol) I just need to research the model that will give me what I'm looking for.
As always, your photos are gorgeous, and congrats on the new toy!!! I know it's always exciting!

Leah D said...

I do a little bit of photography on the side for family and friends and have been NEEDING a new camera, too. I have a Nikon, but will be switching to Canon. Thanks for all the good info about the 6D.

Megan B.B. said...

I have the 60d and the screen flips. I love it. Check that out

Janella said...

I have always wanted to buy one! And I'm actually not sure about getting which one, Nikon or Canon. But reading this post makes me want to grab a Canon! :)


Lamielle said...

Wow, love the pics. Thank you for the info Mandy. I have been thinking of getting new camera myself and since I am a huge fan of yours. I guess I am sold with Canon 6D. :)

Julie S. said...

Gorgeous! I couldn't choose between the 6D and the Mark ii for the longest time and ended up with the Mark ii. Such a fun yet tough decision!

Annabel Krantz said...

Beautiful pictures! I just bought a Canon 700D (I think in America they call it a T5i?) and I'm so excited to play around with it - I've been saving for it for ages! Hopefully I'll be able to take photos like these one day.

Amanda Jillian B said...

I used a Canon rebel t3 I wanted a Nikon but the Canon was on sale and is more user friendly. I have a hard time using digital you put a fully manual 35mm in front of me and I will whip out photos for you with my DSLR it takes me a bit.