08 July 2014

Gone mobile.

For the longest time, I've worked on my desktop iMac computer that's upstairs in my office. Which, don't get me wrong, I love my computer up there. But, and that's a big but, it has been so hard to get anything done during the days. My Husband works your regular 8-5 (plus commute it's more like 7am-6pm) job, so when I'm home with the kids throughout the days, I'm pretty much JUST with the kids. No work gets done. Which leaves me only the evenings and weekends to work. And honestly, I don't like that because it takes away from family time, you know?

I've been debating getting a laptop computer for quite a while. But I've always hesitated because 1) they're expensive, 2) I worry the kids will destroy it and 3) I love my 27" iMac and couldn't imagine using anything else.

But with the amount of things I have on my plate, I was literally driving myself crazy trying to be productive during the days and frankly, I was getting a little stressed out.

Add that to the fact that it's Summer now so Bennett is out of school, plus Easton has recently decided to give us his nap -- there was really no better time to get a laptop than now.

I debated between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro for weeks, but since I constantly have large programs like Photoshop running, I finally decided on the 13" 8BG MacBook Pro. Should give me enough space and power to do everything I need it to -- for a long time.

I've only had it for 5 days and already my life is so much easier. I don't know how in the world I survived being a work-at-home-mom without it.

What kinds of things make your home or work life easier?!


Hannah said...

I can relate to this so well! The only computer we've had for the past five and a half years is a desktop, it's super nice, but it makes portability super hard. Since it is dying and on it's last leg -or so it seems, we finally got a laptop, and I love it! We only just got it, but it is so nice to be able to use in in different locations, and I'm sure once my little guy gets old enough to want the shiny thing I have, it will be wonderful to use while he plays in his pool one summer too :)

Julie S. said...

I can't imagine not having my Macbook Pro! Great choice!

Rachel Lynn said...

AH! So jealous. I would love to have a Mac....of any kind. Right now though it's out of my price range and my desktop is working just fine. Plus with my baby on the way and only one floor in my home I think it will keep working for me at the moment.

Glad your life is easier!

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Jodi said...

I don't know how you have survived for so long w/o a laptop! It makes life so much easier that you can use it wherever you are! I would love to get a Mac but so expensive and since I'm not needing it for work like you I can't justify it. Enjoy!!!

Amanda Jillian B said...

I love working on my MacBook Pro! Mobility is awesome.