21 July 2014

Idaho Trip 2014- in a photo nutshell.

We spent a long, fabulous week in Idaho with Philip's family, but we're home now! The drive is always long, but it's definitely worth it. Both of the kids did really well on the car ride there & back. I mean, 13 hours is a long freakin' time to sit down, so I am so thankful that they are (mostly) free of complaints!

This post won't be too wordy, because I think that the pictures sort of sum up our time there. We always stay at Philip's parent's house when we visit. It's kind of cool that our kids get to see the place that Philip grew up.

We didn't go on any grand adventures, but after only a day there, I realized we didn't need to. They were perfectly entertained playing with their cousins, feeding the goats, hanging out at the local beaches, riding Jethro the donkey, cruising their bikes around the driveway, chasing the cat around the house, and playing with Philip's childhood toys.

I think I mentioned this previously, but Bennett went down a week earlier with my sister-in-law, so he and Papa get pretty close. He went out with Grandpa one day and he came back with this pair of cowboy boots & this hat. Oh my heart. SO cute.

He wore them around everywhere, and I have a feeling he will want to continue to wear them even now that we're home. He might look a little out of place wearing the boots & hat here in Seattle, but I don't care! :)

I have more thoughts & feelings to express about out trip, but for now, as usual, this is a place where I dump my photos. For memories sake, of course! :) Blogger always jacks up the color and quality of my images, but you'll get the idea :)

This is what the adults do in Idaho. Turns out I'm a pretty decent shot, actually. ;-)


Ellen from Ask Away said...

Gun picture 0 I love it!

Also - wheres that tan and pink tote from thats on the picnic table?

PS I'm throwing a cash giveaway event in August to celebrate my blog's 4th anniversary. You should join in


Jess Beer said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

Rachel Lynn said...

Looks like your fam had a great time! I'm super jealous, we aren't gonna make it home to see family this summer because of the whole having a baby thing (which is awesome, don't get me wrong). I wish we could though.

And cowboy boots are cool. No matter where you are :)

My Wholesome Home

Rj and Jessie said...

Absolutely amazing photos!