11 July 2014

Leavin' to the boons, be back soon!

Most of my Husband's side of the family lives in Southeast Idaho, and it's really important to us that our boys get to know them, even though they live 800 miles away. We make sure to make a trip down there at least once a year, usually in the Summer. Last year, we made the 14 hour trek down there over the 4th of July and had an absolute blast!! The boys got met every single one of their cousins... all 15 of them. I'm so happy I married into a big family!

Back on topic, this year, we are heading down there again. Bennett is already there, actually. He went down with his Aunt & cousins last Sunday so he could get an extra week with this Grandma and Grandpa.

My sister-in-law sent this picture to me the other day! I showed it to Easton and he said:

(in easton language) "Whoa!! Beddett es widing a dockey!!! Mama, were es brudder?" 

We're missing Bennett pretty badly. Can't wait to see him!

So my Husband has been training for the Seattle-to-Portland bike race for months now, and it just so happens it's this weekend, so him and some buddies will be cycling 200 miles down to Portland on Saturday! Then me and Easton will meet up with them, spend the night in Portland and then drive to Idaho on Sunday. It will be a super long car ride (~10 hours, not including stops), hope Easton does well!! He did fabulous last year, so I'm guessing it'll go great. The iPad will likely be our saving grace.

So with all of that said... things will be a little quiet around here for the next 10 days! I am taking my laptop with me, so will try to post here and there throughout the trip, but no promises ;-) I do have some fun guest posts lined up, though, so be on the lookout for those!

If you wanna follow along with our shenanigans while we're in Idaho -- be sure to find me on Instagram!


Jessie said...

Boonies? I know Idaho is off the beaten path, but I wouldn't call it the boonies. It's wonderful and beautiful and just the kind of country lifestyle I love and am raising my children in. There is nothing more picturesque than where we are living and what we are doing now. Hope you enjoy your vacation!

Rachel Lynn said...

Have fun! We're missing our usual summer trip home with the whole expecting a baby anytime now thing. I'm excited for them to come visit us though after he's here. Hurray for summers with family :)

My Wholesome Home

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Have a wonderful time! xo

Britt Hanson said...

Blackfoot's not that bad ;) My husband and I lived in Pocatello for 2 years before moving up here to the Coeur d'Alene area - in fact, you probably drove right past our house on the way down! We just made the trek to see family in Utah, so I know how EMPTY that space between Missoula and Idaho Falls is. Have a good time!

Jenn @ hellorigby! said...

Have a fun trip, Mandy!