18 September 2014

Be back after #typeacon!

With how quickly this Summer has gone, I'm not surprised that Type-A Parent Conference has snuck up on me like this. I feel totally and completely unprepared, but alas, I'm leaving this morning (in fact I'm probably on the airplane right now) to take a 5 hour flight to Atlanta, GA. I'm very much hoping that it will inspire me the way that BlissDom did last year. But of course, I'm nervous being somewhere I've never been and hardly knowing anyone that's going to be there. *wish me luck!*

I feel like it's really easy to get burnt out with blogging, and yes, taking a break can and is the best solution sometimes. But I also think that for me, attending blog conferences really helps to inform, inspire and renew my love for this community.

Blogging has become such an important part of my life. This space has helped save my sanity on a fairly regular basis, being able to relate to like-minded people has been comforting and reassuring. But also, I've turned this little old blog into a somewhat of a business and am happy to say that it helps my family financially. So basically, I owe it to myself, my readers, and the brands & companies I work with to continue learning and growing within this amazing community! 

If you are headed to Type-A, be sure to reach out and, I'd love to meet up while we're there! :-)

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Fran said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

eep! Have fun.

ADSchill said...

I think for fun I am going to go way back and read your posts from your first year of blogging. Hope you are having a great time. Or at least getting some much coveted down time.