06 October 2014

Jumping Into Fall The Right Way

Autumn time is here!!.... and slowly the colors are changing. Green, to yellow, to red. It's such a gorgeous time of year around the Pacific Northwest, I absolutely love the Fall! We've been extremely fortunate because this past week has been gorgeous. The sun as been shining, and though it might be a bit chillier, the crisp smell in the air is always welcome.

My sister and I decided to kick off the season with a trip to Fox Hollow Farm. If you've been reading around here for a while, then you will have already seen a million photos of this place. It's only about 20 minutes from our house and it's become a staple outing for us in almost every season.

Farm animals, massive amazing playhouses, train rides, corn box, bounce houses, pony rides, riverside picnicking... what more could any little kid want?? This place is magical.

 Bennett (4),  Easton (2), Cousin Cooper (almost 2!)

The kids wanted to go down by the river, to see the salmon coming upstream. They both had their rain boots on, so I let them walk into the water just a little bit. Obviously I was naive to think they wouldn't start splashing around, and before I know it, they are both completely soaked from head to toe. Normally I would get annoyed, but I was totally loving watch them just be little.

We had so much fun, I'm thinking we'll go back again in a couple of weeks :-)


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...
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Jenna Brussee said...

I wish we had a place like this near me! Those little houses are too cute. You are right, it's a great place for any season.

Candace Celmer said...

These photos made my heart melt! I love Fall photos. They looks like they are having the best time!!


Renee said...

The world needs more beautiful kid friendly places like this!! Love the fun they're having in the water!! My boys are the same, give them their gumboots and i know they'll soon be needing a full outfit change! :)

Susan said...

Oh my gosh this place looks amazing!! It's so great to see kids out and about! :)

thenerdykatie said...

Those pictures are STUNNING. I'm so jealous of places that get real falls, and people that get to do real fall things.

alex said...

Cutest photos ever! Your kids are adorable:)!

Claire C. said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a great Fall day!