16 December 2014

The Santa Picture Experience - 2014

As usual, things have been busy!! I'll admit that at the beginning of the month, I wasn't really feeling the whole Christmas thing. My Husband basically called me a scrooge and told me to shape up. So, the past week or two, I've been trying to really get into it a little more. So I did a little more decorating, hopped online and did some shopping for the kids, decorated Christmas cookies and planned our outing to see Santa Claus. 

It was always a tradition for my sister & I to get Santa pictures when we were growing up. So I sort of just passed that right along to my kids. I know that the whole Santa thing isn't the real reason for the season, and I don't intend on raising my kids to believe that. But it's still fun, none-the-less.

Two years ago, Bennett threw a fit and cried during the Santa pics, which is to be expected. Last year, Easton was whiny, and Bennett started crying again, so I got in the photo with them and they calmed down just fine and we actually ended up with some cute smiles. 

But this year, I decided that no matter what, I wasn't going to get in the picture. So bring on the tears and tantrums.

I got the kiddos dressed and made sure to include Santa in our conversation that morning. I let them know that we were going to be going to visit him, and that if they could sit on his lap for a picture if they wanted. I definitely played it up, putting emphasis on the candy cane they would receive afterward. ;-)

They were in super good moods before we left, so I was hoping that meant it was going to be a good day with Santa.

We went and picked up my Mom first, and then headed to the mall. We walked right up, no lines at all, which helped, I think. They waved and said hello to Santa. They were a bit apprehensive at first, to actually walk up to him. But I led them up and they were greeted by the sweetest Santa ever. Real beard, folks. That's always a plus. 

I plopped Easton down on his lap, then nestled Bennett on the arm of the chair and viola. No tears, no tantrums. I was shocked to be honest. My kids wouldn't even approach the Disney Characters at Disneyland, so I fully expected them to make a scene for Santa photos. But, nope. They were champs. 

And here it is. How cute is this Santa? And my kids? ;-)

Until next year! :-)


Jess Beer said...

What a great photo! And yay for no tantrums!

Tayler Morrell said...

Such cute boys!

Sydney Hale said...

Those boys....oh to be a mother to TWO boys!! They are adorable!
Santa didn't do too bad himself.

Jodi said...

Adorable!!! Such a successful outing!

Neely said...

When all kids are smiling its a win! Plus I love their outfits!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for a great Santa picture!

Laina Turner said...

Santa photos are the best. Kids have such different reactions which is awesome.

Kate Lately said...

So cute!! I love the outfits and their names!!