29 January 2015

Bennett's 5th Birthday Outing

I've mentioned before that we don't throw birthday parties for our kids (at least not yet), and I still totally stand by that idea. Instead, we take out kids out and do something out of the norm, something special. We usually drop the other sibling off with a family member so we can be sure that we are really making the day all about the Birthday Boy. But this year, we decided to go all as a family. Bennett & Easton are best friends and seem to really be happiest when they are together, so it made sense! :)

So this year, Bennett's birthday landed on a Monday. So Philip took the day off of work, and we pulled Bennett out of school, and then picked up my Mom, and headed downtown to enjoy the day.

Winter Birthday's are hard, because they are usually wet and cold. But this is the second year in a row that Bennett's Birthday has been sunny and gorgeous! This past Monday, it was in the low 60's! So warm and wonderful. And the day, was perfect! Bennett had a blast!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again sweet boy!! We love you so much!!


Janine Ella said...

Awww your kids are so adorable! I love that photo in the fountain! Haha.

Janine | Lime & Life

Erika said...

Seattle is the most beautiful city ever. :) Just gorgeous! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun....I love the idea of just doing something as a family. Especially at such a young age.

Chelsea said...

You always take the most beautiful photos + capture the most beautiful moments in your kiddos lives! I'd say I hope Bennett had a great birthday, but judging by these photos and knowing what an amazing mama you are I KNOW he had an amazing birthday! Send Bennett lots of birthday hugs from Alea! Love ya! <3

H O N E Y said...

Wow – I love the pictures! ♡