07 January 2015

Living Room Makeover Brainstorming Session

Happy Hump Day Y'all!!

I've had all things designing and decorating on my mind lately.

We've lived in our home for 3 years now, and when we first moved in, I just sort of furnished things really quickly to get it done. I admit, that I really didn't put much thought into it at all and it's been really really bothering me ever since. Every time I walked through the family room, I'd get annoyed. So slowly, I redid that entire room and now I'm very happy with it.

And the front living room. Ugh. It's awful. Not my taste whatsoever, and so I've decided to go on a rampage and makeover the room. It won't happen over night, because well, I need to save some more money to be able to finish it. But I'm sort of just doing one thing at a time.

But this is the image I have in my mind so far of how I want our living room to turn out. I guess it's really more of a brainstorm at this point because I'm undecided on the official color scheme. The room will be mostly grey & white, with grey walls, of course. And I think I'm leaning toward navy blue and mustard as the accent colors.

So the sofa & rug in this photo are the EXACT ones that are currently being shipped to my house as I type this (yay!!) And like I said, everything else is a rough draft!

Uptown Modern Sofa in Grey Linen
Moroccan Diamond Shag Grey Rug

2 accent chairs
Coffee table
Side table
Throw pillows

I may not be able to get all of these exact pieces, but I'm really hoping to get as close as possible. We'll see how things work out!

What do you think of my living room ideas??


Janine Ella said...

Ahhh I love the idea! If we'd have our own family home in the future, I'd love to do the interior designing myself! :)

Janine | Lime & Life

Janine Ella said...

Ahhh I love the idea! If we'd have our own family home in the future, I'd love to do the interior designing myself! :)

Janine | Lime & Life

Julie S. said...

Love love navy and mustard. Such a classic combo!

Loyal RUN said...

Love this idea!!! I have navy and mustard in my kitchen and love it! I absolutely love the bike art :)

Chiara of TSOL said...

Wow, I love the brainstorming idea and it looks beautiful. You've now motivated me to take on the office room upstairs thats waiting to be redone. *Sigh*

great blog!


Jackie said...

We have the same taste... I love the grey and white, with the natural wood and touches of color.... perfection!

the Florkens said...

Great feel. This is very similar to the vibe I am going for in our living space. Of course, we've been in the house since April of 2014 and it is STILL a work in progress. I'm learning that decorating takes a LOT of time and money.


Neely said...

I love the colors, what about gray seats that double as storage?

Anonymous said...

Those curtains are so cool! And I love the trio of bike paintings!

monique said...

I love that side table!

Whitney said...

I AM OBSESSED WITH THAT COUCH. Yes, all caps was definitely needed ;) I can't believe it's only $400!

Lovelyladyjb said...

Love it! One other thing if you are artsy in any way shape or form, is painting the canvases for the artwork on the wall - much more cost effective!