06 February 2015

Friday Tidbits!

Yo yo yo! It's Friday y'all!! What plans do you have this weekend??

ONE | Tonight I'm going out to dinner with some of the ladies from the girls weekend away at Seabrook! And there may or may not be a trip to Target planned beforehand ;-) I'm excited to be able to get some time away with some other adult friends to shop, eat, laugh and have real adult conversation!

TWO | The rest of the weekend is going to be super relaxed. The only plans I have is to go to the gym Saturday morning and that's it! I might try to do a little painting, though. Speaking of painting!! We finally got our front living room painted, you know, the one I'm working on making over! It's so nice to have fresh paint on the walls! The room is slowly coming along! We hung the curtains last week, which makes a big difference. I still have to get the picture frames painted, buy the accent chairs and *probably* replace the tables... but I'm hoping to have it all completed within the next month or two! I'll be sure to post before/after photos! :)

THREE | Oh my gosh, guess what!! I just booked a trip to California for our family, and we leave in less than 3 weeks!! YAY! I know it feels like we were just there, but it's actually already been like 4 months or so. My kids are dying to see their cousins again. But best part, is that I haven't told them yet. I'm going to wait until the morning we leave to surprise them! I'm going to try and get their reactions on video! Oh and we might be going to Disneyland again... it's still up in the air, but I'm crossing my fingers! :-)

FOUR | This morning, I went on a tour of what I hope will be Easton's new preschool. PRESCHOOL you guys. My littlest baby is old enough to be registering for preschool. I'm in somewhat of denial about that. I feel like he was just born last month. Time? Time is a real jerk. But... I know he's excited and will really thrive in that environment. (more on this later)

FIVE | Let's talk about television for a minute. THE WALKING DEAD. It's back this coming Sunday. There are no words to describe how much I love this show. Who else will be watching?!
Now let's talk about Scandal. I just recently discovered this show like last month and I basically binge-watched the first 3 seasons (and the beginning of the 4th season) on Netflix, and I'm super addicted. I'm almost annoyed that I watched it so fast, because now I have to wait a whole week in between episodes. #firstworldproblems guys.

SIX | Did you catch my Stitch fix post the other day?? I had some people ask me what I kept. So I thought I would let you know :-) I ended up keeping 3/5 items!! I kept the plaid blouse, the scarf, and the cardigan!! Already looking forward to March's fix, it can't come soon enough!! ;-)


Logan Cantrell said...

Love the wall color! It is very similar to the color in our nursery. I can't believe your baby is starting preschool! Time flies...