27 February 2015

Parenting Level Up & Hello California!

To be honest, I'm not a huge lover of surprises, they just aren't my thing. I have a compulsive need to prepare and be "ready" for things -- so me + surprises don't jive very well. However, I LOVE to be the giver of surprises. I find it exciting and super satisfying... in the most selfless way possible. Well, okay, maybe it's a little selfish :)

We left yesterday on our trip to California to see family, and go to Disneyland again! But the best part?? The kids had NO idea! We decided to wait and surprise them on the way to the airport!

I feel like I just earned a new parenting badge or something. I've always wanted to surprise them with a fun vacation! After we told them, Bennett was most excited about getting to see his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins, and Easton couldn't stop talking about Disneyland.

I did get a video, I just haven't uploaded yet. It's on the agenda, though. ;-)

The funny thing, is that 3 days before we left for California, Bennett walks up to me with his Mickey ears and started talking all about our last trip to SoCal & all the things he did at Disneyland. He ended the conversation with "I loved it! And I'm gonna do it again later!" It was the cutest thing. He had no idea that "later" was only 3 days away :-)

So we're here now! I just woke up and should head downstairs to help the kids with breakfast. But I wanted to check in really quick and tell everyone to have a happy weekend!!



Courtney said...

Hooray! Have so much fun! (Of course you will!)