16 April 2015

Life Lately, According to Instagram

HI!! Hey everyone!! How are you, how's life? :)

Holy moly, I've been non-existent lately, haven' I? Things have been a bit hectic. My FIL and MIL were in town this past week, it was lovely, the kids were so excited to see them!! And then I went out of town to spend a weekend away at the coast with some girlfriends. And I've also taken on more Rizzmic classes at the gym. So... things have been super busy. And of course, blogging always takes the back burner when life gets crazy. I miss actually getting to sit down in a quiet space and write. I really need to carve out more time to do that.

Easter came and went super fast. Time is flying lately, and it doesn't show any time of stopping. We kept it simple this year with the kids' Easter baskets. They were still really excited about them.
We have had some rain here and there, but we've also been blessed with some really amazing days this Spring so far!! The kids and I took Grammy & Papa to the park to enjoy a little bit of the beauty that lives in the Pacific Northwest. I'm fully convinced it doesn't get a lot better than a gorgeous PNW day! :-)
The little guy grew quite fond of Papa while he was here visiting, he even followed him upstairs and curled up with him for a nap once or twice. It's the sweetest thing, and I'm so glad I got a picture of it for him to remember this time they spent together. 

The boys had their Well Child Check-ups this week. Both are growing like weeds, and did really well at their appointments. At 5 Years Old, Bennett is 46lbs (80%) and 3'11" tall (100%)!! I'm not surprised to see that he's still topping the charts with his height. This kid is a giant.

And at Three Years Old, Easton is 36lbs (89%) and 3'3" tall (80%)! Luckily, he didn't need any shots at this appointment, so he was all smiles. ;-)
The other day, I had a professional house cleaner come and do some deep cleaning, oh my word. I wish it was something I could do more often. As Mothers, we spend so much of our time and energy doing things for other people. It's really nice to have someone help with the tedious and annoying parts of being an adult.

As I mentioned above, I took a little trip to the coast with some girlfriends for a couple of days. It was just what I needed. Only downside?? The ocean ate my cell phone. My brand new iPhone 6. Waaaaaaa! <insert whiny annoying cry here>

I was wading the coast, collecting cool rocks and seashells for my kids when a sneaker wave come up behind me and splashed me halfway up my back. It startled me so much that I jumped and leapt forward to get out of the way, and I watched as my iPhone dropped out of my pocket and into the wave. I tried to reach down and save it, but it was not going to happen. The wave was strong and took it quickly into the sea. I waited around for a little bit to see if it would wash back up onto shore....but it was a goner. SUPER BUMMER guys. Ugh.

BUT, other than that, I had a fantastic time! Can't wait to go back. I just love being near the ocean, it's so calming and rejuvenating. I think I just might pack up my family and go again this weekend!

That's all I have time for right now, but that's a little glimpse into what we've been up to the past couple of weeks!! Hopefully I will get around to actually finishing one of the 9 posts I have sitting in my drafts right now!

Have a good weekend everyone!! 


Jodi said...

That's pic of Easton napping w/ his papa is so sweet!!

Abby Barstow said...

That is the most precious photo of Easton napping with grandpa!! So precious!! And I should totally hire a professional cleaner just to come in once, since we moved I still haven't really deep cleaned and there's definitely things that still need cleaned and with a 9 month old who knows when I'll get to it lol