27 April 2015

"Raising Good Apples" By Enjoying The Simple Things

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 Who else is stoked for the warm sunshine-y weather?? In Seattle, Springtime can be super unpredictable. So when I see the sun, I grab the kids and we go outside. Whether if be just run through the sprinkler, shoot water guns, , ride bikes up & down the street,  head to the park, or take a bigger family outing. It doesn't matter, we take advantage of the sun when we can! :)

And this past weekend, the forecast told me "sunny & in the mid-60's!" Woot! As I was pondering what amazing and fun place I should take the kids, and honestly, I kept drawing blanks. I feel like so often, we put so much pressure on ourselves to be creative and unique. You know, be the family that does all of the cool things with their kids. Oh, no? That's just me?? ;-)

Anyway, this weekend, I actually decided to keep it simple and just enjoy the beauty in our own backyard. My kids find so much enjoyment in the small things, such as bubbles. And finding bugs. No joke, bubbles & bugs will keep them entertained for a good long hour. And me? I feel like I enjoy bubbles just as much as they do (not bugs, just bubbles) ;-)!

So, Saturday evening, I took my boys in the backyard with the bubbles they got from their Easter baskets, and a yummy snack and got carried away with the simplicity of it. I think it's important to take these little opportunities to talk and laugh with your kids, and to teach them that these little moments are just as awesome and enjoyable as the larger ones.

I mean, seriously, look at their faces!!

It's so fun to be able to watch their legitimate excitement over this small, but meaningful activity. I think sometimes I forget that children don't need huge over-the-top adventures all of the time. These kinds of memories, the ones we make right in our own back yard, are probably going to be the ones that stick with my kids the most! They will talk about how we used to spend warm Spring & Summer evenings out back, chasing bubbles, finding bugs, and sucking down apple sauce pouches. Oh and when I say they suck them down, I'm not exaggerating. They literally inhale things things, they love them so much.

When I decided it was time to take a break from bubbles & have a snack, they literally squealed and swarmed around me like little bees while I was getting these out for them!

Their favorite is the Tree Top Cinnamon Apple Sauces, specifically in the pouches <---- that part is super important!! Who has time to eat with a spoon? These are perfect for a quick & wholesome snack when we're busy having fun, or are on the go! My only issue is that we can really never have enough of them, they are so obsessed with them. Thank goodness Fred Meyer is just down the street, I can zip over there and get more quickly when we run out! ;-)

Here are a few fun & interesting tidbits about Tree Top:

‣ In effort to bring awareness to “Raising Good Apples”, Tree Top is partnering with the National Gardening Association’s KidsGardening.org to help educate kids on gardening. For every box of Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches purchased through 5/31 Tree Top will donate $1 to help KidsGardening.org to help build and grow youth gardens.

‣ Located in the heart of Washington’s apple country, Tree Top is a grower-owned co-op, deeply rooted in the communities where we work and live. For more than 50 years, Tree Top has been a trusted brand dedicated to delivering top-quality products and premium ingredients such as juices, smoothies and sauces.

‣ Tree Top has a long-standing passion for growing, producing and innovating world-class fruit products. Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches taste great and are made with 100% USA grown apples and local ingredients.

And guess what?? I have a super fun giveaway for you today!!

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Here's how you can enter! Best of luck everyone! :)

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Karen G said...

This post hit home! I'm so with you where I always try to come up with new and creative things to do with my kids (thanks a lot Pinterest), but sometimes it's the simplest things that can be the most fun.

Charlene said...

I love your post. I think this hits home with a lot of moms. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Halstead said...

These photos are so cute! I need to get the boys to try those.

Sarah Halstead said...

I am looking forward to going to the beach!

Megan Peter said...

Oh, my kids love those! We're so looking forward to going camping and exploring our new community now that we've been here a year and aren't getting lost anymore. :D

And guess what! After being gone a year, I've started blogging again!! Still kept up with your blog this whole time, though (you're my favorite one to read) :D

Amanda said...

I'm looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors with my daughter. I've been trying to teach her to ride a tricycle! :)

Lana // The Joy Blog said...

I've actually had those applesauce things myself. They're really good! I'm with you, simple is great!

Sarah Coggins said...

Being outdoors more! And a visits to the pool and a vacation at the beach.

Lauren said...

I want to go to the beach.

Nikki of Boba + Pearls said...

I love being able to go outside and just hang out. I try to go outside for at least an hour every day with the little ones. We love to play with bubbles. i need to invest in a bubble machine.

Boba + Pearls

EMILY =) said...

My kids love being outside too!

Shannon Casey said...

the girls and I really enjoyed yesterday :-) it was a gorgeous day. Beautifully written!

Stephanie Clark said...

I love summer! I am so ready for water fun!

Kate @ Busy Bee Kate said...

Getting outside more with my daughter, swimming, the playground and just enjoying the sunshine!

Julie S. said...

Just being outside with my kids and watching their creativity shine! Such cute photos!

Annie L said...

I always love simple times in our backyard as well! No need to pack bags and travel very far, it's the best! Enjoy your beautiful weather!

The MAMA Gazette

Alyson McMahon said...

We are so looking forward to lots of time in the backyard & exploring more of Wisconsin. Love this post. The boys are so cute and getting big!

Ashley Kolpak said...

Looking forward to getting fresh vegetables out of my garden.