20 May 2015

5 Ways To Maintain A Sanitary Kitchen

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I'll be honest and admit that I haven't always been the best, more thorough cleaner in the world. I do the minimum and call it good. But recently, i've actually been working harder to keep my house cleaner, and a more sanitary place to live. Yay me! ;-) But seriously, it's about time I put a little bit more care into the space that I'm raising my family.

I don't know about you, but the kitchen is the center of our household. People just seem to congregate there, even when we're not actually cooking or eating. I would venture to say we spend more waking hours in the kitchen, than anywhere else in the house. But I think this is normal, yes? No?... just us?

And the Kitchen is the dirtiest place in the house, filled with dirt, bacteria, grease, and allergens. So given how much time we spend in there, it only makes sense to be extra thorough and thoughtful when cleaning the kitchen. So with my new found determination to keep my house a cleaner place, I've compiled a list of things that help keep the kitchen spick & span!

1. Sanitize Your Sink.
This should go without saying, but often times I forget to do this after I do the dishes. I actually read that the sink has more bacteria than your toilet seat. Gross, huh? So to disinfect your sink, clean with soap and water (which is usually where I stop). But the best thing to do, is follow that up by spraying a mist of vinegar in your sink. Then, a mist of hydrogen peroxide, and let it air dry. Note: Do not mix the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together.

2. Disinfect Your Disposal.
The disposal can build up odors and tons of residue over time. So here's what you can do to clean it. Grab some ice cubes & salt (to combat the residue) and cut up some lemon (to deodorize)... then throw them in the disposal. Viola! It will clean it out, and smell better, too!

3. Heat Up Your Sponge.
Sponges are are chock-full of bacteria, and I've never really known how to clean them, so I just throw them away when they get gross. But this is a new trick that a friend told me about this a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share the wealth. Or maybe everyone already knew this but me? lol. Anyway, you can disinfect your sponge by microwaving it on high for 45-60 seconds! Make sure to squeeze it out first, though. Your sponges will last longer this way! Boom.

4. Clean The Stove Last.
I used to always start with the stove when I cleaned the kitchen, but I learned recently that you should actually clean your stove last. The reason is because the stove can often be the dirtiest part of the kitchen, so you want to leave it until the end so that you don't spread around dirt and grease.

5. Keep Your Floor Clean And Free Of Allergens.
Our hardwood floors get so dirty, so fast. Dirt, dust, food particles, sticky residue, and whatever else we drag in from outside. Gross. I am sweeping constantly, but deep cleaning your hardwood floors is super important. I use Bona Free & Simple Hardwood Floor Cleaner on my kitchen floor.

Here's a little about Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner:

  • It's certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. 
  • It's non-toxic, and very effective. 
  • Free of dyes and scents, and is hypo-allergenic. 
  • It removes roughly 93.3% of allergens from your hardwood floor, so you can breath a little easier.

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Hope these tips helped to inspire you to keep your kitchen a little cleaner and more sanitary!


Along Came Mary said...

Great article! I actually work at a coffeehouse & have learned way too much about needing to keep a kitchen sanitary LOL:)

tara pittman said...

Great tips. I usually soak my stove parts while I clean the rest of the kitchen.

Miss Angie said...

These are fabulous tips! I really should start disinfecting things after I wash them with soap and water. Great idea!