16 June 2015

June Stitch Fix - The Time I didn't Keep Anything.

It's ALMOST Summer! Really though, we've basically been enjoying Summer-like weather for almost a month now! It's been pretty incredible. Hot.... but incredible.

Okay so here is June's Stitch Fix. And I want to be totally honest, I didn't keep anything. Dang it. Truth is, I actually really liked most of everything they sent. But didn't LOVE anything. And I am at a point in my life that I really just want to fill my closet with clothing pieces that I love and will wear often. Or at least sometimes. ;-)

But I still wanted to pop in and show you what I got, because like I said, I liked all of these pieces. And I know a lot of people (including myself) love Stitch Fix posts. :-)

Item #1 - Elyse Striped Sheer Sleeveless Top
What I liked about it: This was very cute. I don't have a lot of white tops, so I was drawn to it. And the fit was actually pretty flattering.
Why I didn't keep it: It basically came down to the stripes in the front. I actually saw this online and really liked it, but once I put it on, I wasn't digging it.

Item #2 - Levi Dress
What I liked about it: Okay so in the interest of full disclosure, I specifically asked for this dress. I was thrilled to see that my stylist included it in my box. I tried it on, and it fit pretty well, and it was definitely cute. I mean, it has POCKETS for crying out loud. I was almost sold just because of the pockets.
Why I didn't keep it: So because I'm 5'3", I have a pretty hard time finding dresses that are a good length for me. I felt like this dress was meant to be a little shorter, like above the knees by an inch or two. But, because I'm on the shorter side, I feel like it hit me at just the wrong place. Which was a big bummer, because I really really wanted to keep this dress. :-(

Item #3 - Keno Scoop Neck Blouse
What I liked about it: I was really enjoying the colors, I'm a sucker for pastels and pretty designs.
Why I didn't keep it: The sleeves. Enough said. ;-)

Item #4 - Jayce Woven Fold Over Clutch
What I liked about it: I really really want to find a clutch. You know, something smaller that I can take out with me when I'm sans kids. And I liked the size of this one. Big enough for the essentials like money, lip gloss, my phone.. etc.
Why I didn't keep it: You can't tell from this photo, but their is a weird texture to the outside that is kind of scratchy. I didn't like that very much. Plus I was bored with the color.

Item #5 - Brittany Bermuda Short. 
Welp. I sort of forgot to take a picture of these. Fail. I'm sorry. lol. They were a longer short, which I appreciated, but I didn't find them flattering at all, so... away they went.

So, you see, sometimes I don't keep anything from my Stitch Fixes. It doesn't happen often, but every now and again, it just isn't going to be my style, or things aren't going to fit exactly right. And honestly, I'm okay with that. Obviously, I hope that my stylist will send me cute things that fit ALL of the time. But it just isn't reasonable to have those expectations. So, no hard feelings Stitch Fix. I still love you and will be back again next month!

Until my July Stitch Fix...


Kelsey said...

Good for you! I've realized that too---if I don't *love* something (whether it's clothes, or something decorative for the house), then I shouldn't buy it. I always think of that William Morris quote: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." :)

Amber Gregory said...

I loooove that dress! I am 5'2" though so I get what you're saying!

C said...

I LOVE that dress and I think it looks great on you. But YOU have to love it so I understand not keeping it. I'm not a stitch fix subscriber, but I wonder if it's available online. Can you provide any additional details on it?

JMS said...

I actually like the dress on you too. Can you not alter the legthn? I'm 5'7" and I alter the hems of almost all my skirts shorter. A little above the knee works Better for me. If it's bit a t-shirt, tank top, shorts, or workout gear & it's in my closet it has been altered (apparently my size is not on the rack). But if you don't love it, then that is that.

Fran said...

I'm with you - whenever I'm at the store, if I don't love it, I don't buy it! And man, those sleeves on that blouse... lol

Cassie Y said...

Oh em gee!! That first shirt and that dress.. I'm in love!! You look stunning!