01 June 2015

Lake Chelan 2015

Happy Monday!! I just got back from an epic girls weekend to Seabrook (we went last year, too), with ladies that I have meet through blogging/social media. It was absolutely fantastic! I have a lot to share about that, but I'm having a rough time staying on top of the blog these days.

The last few weeks have been so ridiculously busy, I have not had a single moment to catch my breath, let alone post on my blog! BUT after all, this is my space to share bits and pieces of my life, so I still want to try and make an effort! ;-) No but really... it's been tough to find the time lately. I feel like our lives have just been getting busier and busier. But I suppose that's normal as kids get older and Summer is approaching.

So this post is going to be more of a picture dump from LAST weekend! My best girlfriend invited us come and crash their vacation in Lake Chelan, and of course, how could I turn that down? We actually went last year, too, and it good times were had by all. This time was no different. 

We spent our time basking in the 80 degree sunshine, hanging on the beach, playing in the pool, barbecuing, eating ice cream. We even got Bennett out in the canoe on the lake with us!! It was so cute seeing him sitting there with his little paddle. I even gave SUP a try, I only stayed out for like 5 minutes and hovered very near the shore, but I didn't fall in the water, so... there's that. ;-) Can't wait to go back next year (hopefully!)

So... here's my photo dump! 

 We even drove past Bennett Road, and through the town of Easton. The kids thought it was pretty amazing that they had their names on road/town signs. Of course, we had to stop and get pictures. :-)
Until next time, Chelan!!


Megan Peter said...

OH, that last one of Easton & "his" sign is too cute for words!!!

Shannon said...

Oh, what fun! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Diana @ wonderfully made. said...

great photos!!! Looks like a great time and I'm partial to the Bennett sign (maiden name). Love it!

Loyal RUN said...

Looks so fun!! :) I just melt when I see siblings hug!! So sweet.

stephanie a. orefice said...

oh gosh! i've ALWAYS wanted to go to chelan… and this makes me itch for it even more!!!

Wonderwall x said...

Aw wow! Beautiful pictures.. they look so professional! I also must agree - the names are adorable!!