15 June 2015

RECIPE - Chipotle Shredded Pork Taco's

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I've mentioned this before, but I'm not much of a cook, I don't have natural talent for it. I mean, I can follow a recipe, so there's that at least. But really, my Husband Philip is the chef around our house. He just has a knack for being able to make delicious creations. This past week, he made Crock pot Chipotle Shredded Pork, and we also made our home-made Pico De Gallo, and dinner turned out amazing!!

First thing, go to this recipe for shredded pork. I follow the directions pretty closely. Though, for this meal I used a pork roast rather than beef. Pork tends to pair better with chicken stock so I used that instead of beef stock and throw in some extra fresh garlic for good measure.

The real fun of this recipe is in the preparation of the Huevo Sucio Tortillas (my own creation). Super easy to make, these tasty tortillas add an interesting twist to the traditional taco.
  • Beat eggs (1 egg for every 2 tortillas) until small bubbles start to form. 
  • Heat pan to medium temp. Add enough lard to keep the pan lubricated, but not so much as to drown the tortilla. 
  • Place tortilla in pan and immediately pour beaten egg on top of tortilla—approximately 1/2 of a large egg per tortilla. Use large egg round to keep egg from running off tortilla. When the egg has firmed but is still shiny, flip tortilla and cook just long enough for the pan to naturally release the cooked egg (~5 seconds). 
  • Serve Warm. 
  • Tips: Corn tortillas work best, though you can use flour tortillas if preferred. Both eggs and tortillas should be room temperature before cooking if possible.  

You can top these just as you would any traditional tortilla shell. My favorite is a simple combination of salt, pepper, avocado, and pico de gallo. Here, we used the shredded pork from above with cilantro and Mezzetta Red Peppers, which added the perfect zest to round out the flavor.

Keeping things simple, our side was avocado topped with homemade chipotle mayonnaise and pico de gallo. All told, this was hearty enough to be considered a real meal, but light enough for our warm Sunday afternoon. Looks super good, right??

The thing I love about Summer time, is that you can always take your dinner out back while the kiddos play. And of course, it will usually end with some sort of water fight. Luckily, he didn't squirt at me while I was holding my camera ;-)

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Stephanie Clark said...

These look so good! I really need some quick dinner inspiration! Jonah is going through SUCH a picky phase right now I have NO motivation to try new things - I should though!

Julie S. said...

YUM! I definitely want to try these. My tomato plants should be ready soon, so I am all about mexican inspired recipes!

Mary La Fornara said...

These taco's look and sound amazing! I will be making them this weekend.

Emily said...

These tacos look amazing! I lent out my slow cooker but as soon as I get it back I'm going to make these!

Sarah Coggins said...

Those look delicious! Pinned to try. :)