27 July 2015

Idaho Family Trip 2015

We got home from Idaho several weeks ago, and I'm just not sifting through all of my images and getting around to recapping our trip!! I'm tellin' ya, I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with my blog these days. Life is just, life. And it's busy and all-consuming. But I'm tryin' y'all! ;-)

Every Summer, we drive 800+ miles from Seattle down to Southeast Idaho to visit my Husband's family. (Here is last year's trip!). The drive is long and feels like it will never end, but it's always worth it. The kids really look forward to going to stay with Grammy and Papa, and seeing all of their Aunts, Uncle's and Cousins. Plus, the wide open space and laid back life style really suits my boys, especially Bennett. He is happiest when he can just roam free, and explore. I've said it a million times, but if we didn't have so many attachments here, I would definitely move down to Idaho to be closer to Philip's side of the family.

Our days in Idaho are mostly spent just lounging and being care-free. The kids roam around, chase the cat & the dog around, ride the donkey, run through the sprinkler, play with cousins, and get tractor rides. Speaking of tractors, my FIL got this old tractor (built in 1946!!) this year and my kids (mostly Bennett) was smitten! He looked adorable with his whole cowboy ensemble! Papa even let him drive the tractor, that was most definitely a highlight for Bennett.

Easton wasn't as impressed with the "farm life" as Bennett was, but he still made himself right at home. He really enjoyed playing with Philip's old toys and legos! It's cool to see our boys playing with the same things that their Dad did when he was younger.

We were there over the 4th of July, too, which was awesome!! We went over to my SIL house and barbecued, the kids played in the pool, and then finished off the night with a few little fireworks. It was actually perfect.

We are always really sad to leave, but we are actually hoping to make a trip down over Christmas this year! So I'm crossing my fingers that it pans out! Until next time....!



April Lynn | Our Little Loves said...

I love your tractor pictures so so much!