23 July 2015

Making Time For Outside Play & Nutritious Snacks

Have I mentioned I love Summer?! I love the warmer months, being able to take the kids outside. Truth is, at 3 & 5 Years Old, my boys get super super cooped up if we stay inside for long periods of time. They start wreaking havoc around the house and before I know it, there is crayon all over the walls and milk all over the floor. So needless to say, I try to keep them busy, and if at all possible... out of the house ;-) Unfortunately, living in Seattle, our warm months are limited. So I feel like I try to cram all of the fun outdoor activities between June-September.

Things have been crazy busy the past few weeks with vacations and small trips to the coast. And of course my most recent trip to Los Angeles. I am really slacking about getting all of this up on the blog lately. Ahhh! But anyway, between all of the craziness, we haven't really had a chance to see some of our favorite people. So the other day, I met up with my best friend and her kiddos for a play date at the park. We went to a new park that I had never been to, and it was fabulous! Lots of fun stuff for the boys to do and climb on. 

*This post was sponsored on behalf of CLIF Kid via One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

I just think it's so important to make time to get outside. Whether it's to the beach, or taking a little hike somewhere, playing at a new (or old) park, hitting up your local water park or splash pad... etc. Kids really thrive when they are outdoors exploring. The freedom to be able to run around and be crazy, it's so good for their little minds and bodies!

But!! Don't forget to bring water to keep the kiddos hydrated, and of course, snacks. Something yummy that will give them nutrition and energy. For us, that has been CLIF Bars lately. Specifically the Zbar's. My kids devour those things. No joke. Easton is like "quit taking pictures mom, and give me a Zbar!" lol.

Easton literally ate 3 of these while we were at the park. I mean, it wasn't exactly what I had in mind for lunch, but hey, it's fine with me. The CLIF  Zbar's are an organic baked whole grain snack. They are packed full of nutrients, like complex carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. And they contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or synthetic preservatives. Perfect for an active kids.

Other CLIF Kid snacks are Zbar Protien, Zfruit, and ZFruit + Veggie. All very yummy, nutritious snacks!

And in fact, CLIF Kid strongly urges children & families to be active and get outdoors to play. They've created an online hub that provides tips & tools to encourage and promote play for kids of all ages! Check it out here.

See, I told you, this child will inhale these things. ;-)

 What are your favorite places to go play outdoors? And what are you favorite snacks to bring to keep your children energized!?


Christa Cox said...

That looks like an awesome playground! and yummy bars!

Julie Danielle said...

I feel like this is the first year I have a good snack plan down! Enough snacks to get through and enough to drink. That park looks like a lot of fun :)

Susannah said...

Your boys are adorable! I'm excited for next summer when my son's 1.5 and we can REALLY play outside!

Bethany Magnie said...

What a seriously cool playground! I'm jealous of all the fun those boys are having, oh to be a kid again!

Alyssa Morter said...

My daughter would love these! She is a big granola bar and fruit snack girl. :) And that playground...so cool!

Kate Unger said...

My son lives on Kashi strawberry cereal bars, GoGo applesauce, and raisins. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the play ground. Z bars are pretty good. It looks like your kiddos like them too.

Tabitha said...

My son loves Zbars! And like you we have been so busy cramming all the summer stuff in our schedules we haven't been able to spend anytime with our friends and I'm surprise we have only made it to the playground a couple of times!