26 August 2015

School Is Just Around the Corner, For BOTH Of My Kids!

Starting in just a little over a week, I will have not one, but TWO kids in school. Granted, they are both only going half days, but still. Bennett is starting Kindergarten, and Easton is going into his first year of Preschool. It's all just a little too much to handle. Mostly because I am just having a rough time with how quickly time is going. I feel like Easton was just a baby, I feel like that was yesterday. Well he is most certainly not a baby, and in fact, I think he is really going to love preschool. He does really well with direction, and more structured settings. So as much as I don't want to let go of my "baby", I'm also very excited for him.

And Bennett. My sweet, oldest son. I actually have a lot to say about this. If you have been following around here for a while, then you will know that Bennett has been struggling with a variety of developmental delays. And for the past 2 years, we have been trying to find some answers as to what is really going on. We've recently (finally!!) had several appointments with not only a pediatric psychologist, but also a neuropsychologist. And Philip and I will be going in next week to go over the results of all of the many assessments and evaluations Bennett has been through. Cross your fingers we'll get some answers! I will try to update here on the blog after the appointment and fill y'all in.

Okay onto a lighter subject! I have been stocking up their closets with new clothing, because man, these kids grow like weeds. They literally don't stop growing. Especially Bennett, he doesn't fit into a single pair of jeans he wore last year. What the heck is that about? So we went to H&M and I bought him 5 new pairs. So that should do it in the pants department. As for Easton, well, he gets a lot of hand me downs. But the thing that isn't being handed down very much, is shoes. Not only do Bennett's old shoes not fit Easton very well (the kid has some fatty feet!), but my boys tend to destroy their shoes. Especially in the Summer time. 

So new shoes for everyone! 

I was provided these pairs of shoes c/o Rack Room Shoes, for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.

Outfit info:
Bennett - Pants: H&M, Long sleeved Tee: H&M 
Easton - Pants: H&M, Tee: H&M, Cardigan: Zulily
Mandy - Top: Stitch Fix, Jeans: Walmart. 
Guys real quick, this pair of jeans are amazing!! They were $15 from Walmart and they are one of my favorite pairs of pants!! I was so stoked when I scored them! 

All of our shoes are from Rack Room Shoes

Let's talk about these shoes for a minute, is that okay?? I mean, of course they are all grey, I'm super addicted to grey. I'm trying to step outside of my little grey bubble a little bit, they it's just such a versatile color. You know??

Bennett is sporting the Converse Chuck Taylor Allstar Street Ox shoes. Every little boy needs a pair of Chucks. It's true. 

And because I wanted to get a little bit matchy matchy, I decided to go with a pair of Chuck's myself. 

And for Easton, since he's pickier about what goes on his feet, I decided he needed something a little bit more sporty. So these Nike Flex's were perfect for him. 

I will never get tired of picking out clothes and shoes for these guys. I'm going to be sad when they stop letting me choose their wardrobe. lol But I know that day is coming. In the meantime, though, I'm going to take full advantage!

So my recommendations for back to school gear? H&M for clothing, and Rack Room Shoes for all of your footwear. Rack Room Shoes will be hosting it's annual Shoes That Fit campaign, which empowers customers to give back to their local community. Customers can add a donation at the register in-store, or online to provide at-risk children in their own community with new shoes for the upcoming school year. I think that's pretty neat, and something we should all consider while doing our back-to-school shopping! :-)


Julie S. said...

Those jeans are super cute! And your boys are adorable! I hope they are loving school!

Kiara Buechler said...

I just got some grey Converse too, but feel silly wearing them with skinny jeans. Good thing the flare jean is coming back in style :-)

Integrated Learning Strategies said...

This is so fun! I can't believe the kids are already headed back to school. The summer went by too fast. I love these shoes too. they look so comfy and stylish. My nephews would love them!