02 September 2015

Be The Bright Spot In Someone's Day -- #ShareABear

Whether we are Mother's, Sister's, Wives, Friends... etc. I think we can all agree that giving people a gift, however big or small, is one of the most rewarding things on this planet.

For my kids, it doesn't take much to please them. They are always so thankful and so excited over the smallest of gifts. But I think that even adults need those small, but significant gifts here and there, too! I know that when someone does something thoughtful for me, it literally makes me giddy. Not necessarily because they gave me something, or because I needed anything. But because they took the time to be considerate, which let's me know that they care.

Did you know that September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day?? I had no idea this existed, but I think it's pretty rad. So this year, Snuggle has decided to launch the #ShareABear campaign. The idea behind it, is to show people that small gestures, like gifting a teddy bear, can be the bright spot in someone's day.

It is seriously so thrilling to surprise my kiddos with things. A few days ago, I told them I had a little something special for them that day. The build up of anticipation was so fun to see... they had several guesses as to what the "surprise" was. Just watch...

I have replayed this video like 100 times. Not just because they're cute ;-), but because seeing the look on their faces, and how thankful they were for these little teddy bears, is so special. They have asked to watch this video, too. And every time we put it on, Bennett tells me "That's so sweet, Mom!" :-)

Snuggle and the #ShareABear movement is donating 5,000 teddy bears to children in need, which I think is pretty neat!! I know from first hand experience just how much those little gestures mean to kids. Well, and all of us, really! I love a good, snuggly teddy bear! :)

Wouldn't you agree??

Do you have a special memory or teddy bear in your life? You can help raise awareness about this campaign by sharing stories, videos or photos on social media using the hashtag #ShareABear.


Deanna said...

Love this idea! We will definitely be participating! Your boys are adorable!

Samantha said...

This is a great idea!! I am going to let my kids pick out teddy bears to give to someone!

City with or without sex said...
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All The Things I Do said...

I love this. I think sometimes as adults we forget how the smallest thing can make a difference and really improve someone elses day, If its grabbing a candy bar for your coworker during your lunch break, taking you friend a coffee when she's working late, giving your sister a "this reminded me of you" gift or a child a teddy bear :)

Ashleigh Wright said...

We love teddies around here and I know so many kids that would love this! Thanks for sharing!