22 September 2015

How The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK Benefits Our Family

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With Bennett's recent diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, one of the first questions on my mind was "How can I best help my son?" The reality is, that his speech and communication often times get in the way of his learning ability. And on top of that, his attention deficits are a major factor as well. So beyond the therapy he's receiving, I'm always looking for other, more creative ways to help him progress.

There is always a big debate as to weather or not kids should have access to electronics. And then the question follows, "how much time is acceptable." Listen I'm not here to debate this, because I'm truly believe that each family is different, and each parent knows what is right for their kids.

However, I feel there are many many benefits to kids + screen time. Especially for a child like Bennett, where one of the only things he can actually focus on, is a touch screen device. They intrigue him and he's willing to attend to activities on a screen far longer than he is with paper, pencil, or a book in his hand. And in fact, the psychologist encouraged us to use his fascination with electronics to our benefit.

Let's talk about some of the benefits for a minute!

Portability & Flexibility
This one is a given, right? You can take your screen anywhere with you. Which is actually so helpful, because sometimes amidst a meltdown, letting him use a device such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK will calm and refocus him. Kind of like a restart button.

Improve on Coordination
Using apps on a touch screen device actually helps improve on hand-eye coordination. And for children who struggle with fine-motor skills & coordination, these devices make things much more accessible to him.

Computers and touch screen devices are such a great way to facilitate learning with children. And especially with those that have learning disorders or attention deficits. They can often hone in on with an app on an electronic device better than anything else. Plus, you can customize their device to have relevant apps, games, books, and tools right at your disposal.

Language Development 
Bennett pays much closer attention to books being read to him from his device, than he does when I read him a book. Crazy, I know. But being read to is a very important component of language development. So... I'll take it! :)

I am a firm believer that touch screen devices are absolutely essential to helping Bennett in all of those areas. And of course, he's not the the only one that benefits from them. I do as well. ;-)

The new 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK is the thinnest & lightest device from Barnes & Noble and Samsung. It's lightening fast, which makes it easy for you to toggle between movies, apps, books, and the web without a lag.

With the new 8" NOOK by Samsung will give you access to the enormous NOOK store which offers over 4 million best selling books and comics & graphic novels. There are more than 110,000 children's books available, including a selection of interactive picture books. You will also have access to 100 bestselling U.S. magazines, a huge collection of NOOK apps that the whole family will love. One of my favorite features, is the large selection of movie and TV offerings from major networks and studios, available for purchase or rental. And then of course, there is the internet access, where you can browse anywhere you have a connection.

And I bet you wouldn't have guessed this about me, but I am a huge huge fan of the Fast & Furious franchise. I have seen every single movie, including Tokyo Drift. lol. My point is, with the new NOOK by Samsung, Mama get's a few minutes to unwind as well.

Bottom line is, electronic touch screen devices enrich our lives in so many different ways! Everyone in the house can benefit from them. Visit the website for more info on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK, or do one better and stop by your local Barnes & Noble to purchase yourself one! :)

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Lindsay Gilbert said...

We've been looking into getting one of these for my daughter. Sounds like it will be a great investment!

Kiara Buechler said...

We love our Tab. It is about five years old though, so I am looking forward to upgrading to a new model one of these days.

The girls said...

I've had a Nook since B&N launched their very first one. Now I have one of their tablets, and will eventually upgrade again. I am such a loyal Nook fan. I use mine every day!

Tiffany said...

Watercolor pencils.

Sarah Coggins said...

I'd buy several Diane Chamberlain books. Enjoying her writing style and several of the books are just 99c right now. I could really stock up. Thanks for a chance to win!

Sarah Halstead said...

I would buy a new book to read. That looks great!

Tabathia B said...

I would purchase hold on ebook by kristen ashley