10 September 2015

The First Day's Of School Are A Wrap

Of course, I was that Mom that whined and sobbed about the fact that BOTH of her kids were starting school. It's just weird that both Bennett & Easton are in school. Granted, Easton is only starting Preschool, but it's school none-the-less. It just makes him seem so much older!

Bennett started Kindergarten last week. To be honest, I was pretty nervous about it. Not just because he's in a new school, with a new teacher. But because of his recent diagnosis. I mean, I know he's the same Bennett we've always loved and adored, but I just know how quickly things start moving once kids enter into Kindergarten. I worry about him feeling left out, or lost. It's really tough to just let him go, not knowing what is going on or how he's doing. But... I know that it's what he needs to progress.

Luckily, he was pretty stoked about starting school again, so there were no tears when it was time to go. I'm proud of him for being so brave, though, because he has a hard time in new and different social situations. It makes me really glad that we did 2 years of preschool with him.

And Easton, oh my word. My baby had his very first "first day of school." He looked so big standing next to the sign, and sporting his little green backpack. But despite the smile on his face, he was actually pretty nervous about school. The weeks leading up to his first day, he didn't want to talk about it. And in fact, when you asked him if he was excited to go, his response "no, I don't wanna go to school!!!" So I was actually expecting a little bit of push-back at drop off.

But he surprised me and walked right into his classroom, hung his backpack up and went along his merry way. When I went to pick him up, he was all smiles. Though, he still won't admit to having a good time ;-)

As much as I'm bummer that Summer is basically over, I guess I'm a little bit excited for Fall. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! And let me first be clear, that I will take a warm sunny day over cold & rainy weather any day -- but I do love a nice comfy warm sweater from time to time :-)


Ellen Ross | Ask Away said...

i dont have kids so i love living vicariously through others posts. lovee their little outfits!
XO Ellen from Ask Away

ThoughtfulLens.com said...

aww they look so cute! I am really glad my boy is going to "school", too, because it's hard for kids to transition into the school situation without previous experience. thanks for sharing!