12 October 2015

Fun & Easy Halloween Pudding Parfait

I never used to be very into Halloween, but since having kids, I have definitely gotten into the spirit a little more! The boys already have their costumes. Bennett has chosen to be a storm trooper, and Easton is going as Captain America. He actually started with an Ironman costume, but when we went to exchange sizes, he made an impromptu decision to switch his Ironman costume with a Captain America costume. lol. Kids are weird.

My Husband always wants us to come up with a family costume, but me? You won't get me into a Halloween costume, I draw the line there. But Halloween decorations, haunted houses, carving pumpkins, Casper & Hocus Pocus, trick-or-treating (for the kids, of course)... I'm all in!!

Oh, and let's not forget treats. Halloween themed treats, specifically.

Let me introduce you to a fun, yummy little concoction I put together in the spirit of Halloween. The Halloween Pudding Parfait. What I love? It's easy peasy to throw together for a fun treat.

The recipe is simple: 
Pudding (your favorite kind!)
Various Halloween themed spinkles
Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Mini Morsels

Grab a cute mason jar and a long dessert spoon and you're done dude. These would be great to put together for parties! Or... just because you feel like it.

But whatever you do, don't forget the chocolate. Everything is better with chocolate. ;-) Hop over to the Nestle Toll House pinterest or facebook page to get some other recipe inspiration!

Are you a lover of Halloween?? Do you and/or your kiddos have your Halloween costumes yet?


Katy Ipock said...

I recently started throwing together parfaits of layered pudding with graham crackers in between. I never thought about using sprinkles. I totally have some sprinkles in my cupboard that would be perfect for this. Great post! Thank you :)

Kate Unger said...

Yum! Maybe I'll do that with yogurt. :) I love Casper and Hocus Pocus. I love giving out candy and taking my son Trick or Treating. We don't really decorate our house other than carving pumpkins. And I don't really like dressing up, but I love the kids in costume.

Jamie said...

How cute! I love the festive Halloween sprinkles.

The Gastronom said...

Oh, my kiddos would love this one! I have a feeling we would have a sugar rush with this!

Chanelle DeGraff said...

These look so fun. We would have a blast making these. Thanks for sharing.

Ashleigh Wright said...

This looks so good, I know my kids would love this! I might have to surprise them with this treat on Halloween morning! Thank you for sharing such a neat recipe!

KayMil said...

Pudding + anything = yes. I am all about the halloween themed treats--this is a great idea! And it looks fabulous with all those colors!

Zully Hernandez said...

This looks so festive - I certainly will be making something like this in the next couple of weeks!

Liz Dennis said...

Was this ok for your littlest one to eat too? I have a nine month old and am always looking to do themed treats... Christmas now so I thought just making it more applicable for season. He's my first so I'm just curious.