19 October 2015

The 2015 Pumpkin Patch Post

You guessed it, this is my obligatory pumpkin patch post of the year. But I gotta, ya know? It's something I just love to do with the kids, and it has become a tradition. There are several awesome pumpkin patches near us, but there is one just a couple towns over that has become my favorite. There is a ton for the kids to do there! Corn box, hay & corn mazes, bubbles, tractor rides, petting zoo, hay bail rides, and a big kids play area! We really lucked out this year because we got there right as all of the buses packed full of field trip kiddos were on their way out! So we practically had the place to ourselves :)

OH! And it was so so warm out!! It was 70 degrees and just gorgeous weather to be at the pumpkin patch. The kids were complaining of being "too hot" and I was actually sweating and wished I had worn shorts. But hey, I'll take the heat as long as I can!

Have you visited any pumpkin patches yet this year??


Kate Unger said...

Those tractor swings are so cool! We haven't been to the pumpkin patch yet. I think we'll go this Saturday if it's nice. The pumpkin patch is always one of my favorite fall activities. We've just been out of town a lot this month. I can't believe we haven't gone yet.

My Two Mums said...

We visited our first ever pumpkin patch this year and LOVED it. Our trip was quite a bit cooler than yours I imagine. It looks like you had lots of fun.

Jessica Carvalho said...

Gorgeous photos. What a fun looking place!