02 November 2015

Halloween 2015!

Another Halloween has come and gone! Last year we were in California for Halloween - which was amazing because not only did the kiddos get to spend the Holiday with their cousins, it was actually warm outside. ;-) But here we are again. *sigh* Time is flying too fast, as usual.

It was nice that Halloween fell on a Saturday, that way we could spend the whole day together! We went to a Fall Palooza at a local church, where the boys got to play games, bounce on inflatables, and of course, collect some candy for their buckets. It had been pouring the entire day, so we decided that if we got a break from the rain, we were going to just bolt outside and trick-or-treat quickly. So we ended up going out really early, like 5:30ish, and I'm glad we did because at 7:00, it started dumping buckets again.

Halloween is so much fun now that they kids are old enough to really get into it!! I have a rule that they weren't allowed to wear their costumes until Halloween (unless we go to a party before hand or something). So they were seriously so stoked to put their costumes on and go trick-or-treating! They got tons of loot, and now, they can wear their costumes whenever they want. Easton hasn't really taken his off since Halloween. lol.

I'd like to introduce you to my little Captain America & Storm Trooper!

How was your Halloween?! What did you/your kids dress up as? Do you have any fun traditions?


Kate Unger said...

Great pictures! I published my Halloween post today too. Check it out: http://www.momsradius.com/2015/11/oh-how-i-love-fall.html

Tania T said...

We don't have Halloween here in Greece.But at the past few years the crazyness for Halloween came here also.We do have a celebration with costumes at February called Carnival and it looks like the Brazilian carnival.Well I loved the action costumes.Where did you get them?