10 November 2015

My Feel Gooder Moments

 In our busy busy lives, I think it's way too easy to look past the feel gooder moments. The moments that give us a break when things are moving a million miles an hour. The moments that remind us that even though we get frustrated, we are given tender mercies to keep us going. Those times we need to just get in a good workout and burn off some steam. Oh how about those yummy moments that we grab a snack and take a second to replenish. You know the feel gooder moments I'm talking about, right??

These are some of my feel good moments! 

// Family time 
I just think it's so important to take a time out and do something fun as a family! Whether it be a family dinner, a hike, a movie, a trip to the aquarium... anything! As long as you're together!

// A good workout
I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good workout!! Especially afterword, when endorphin's are running high, and you just know that you had a high caloric burn. That sense of accomplishment is totally worth the effort, and all of the sweat, too ;-)

// A new bag
Feel gooder moments don't need to require a lot of time. Sometimes it can be as simple as getting a new pair of shoes, or in my case, a new handbag! I recently got this Lily Jade bag, and it's been so awesome!! It fits everything I could need, so it's great for every day use as well as travel.

// Brotherly hugs
These are those tender moments I was referring to. Regardless of the insanity that is going on around me (hello, TWO little boys & lots of high energy!), when I see a sweet moment like this, all is good. And it reminds me how much love they have for each other. It makes all of the chaos seem a little less... chaotic. :)

// A good hair day
Listen -- big extravagant things aren't going to happen to us everyday. And some days, we're just plain unlucky. You know those days when everything is going wrong? And it's on THOSE days, that a small thing like a good hair day, goes a long, long way. ;)

// Yummy nutritional snacks
I'm convinced that a good, yummy, healthy snack will top most people's list of feel-gooder moments. Wouldn't you agree?? There's just something about a perfectly satisfying snack that can turn any rotten moment, into a better one. We all need fuel, and it certainly helps to satisfy our bellies, and our taste buds.

Let's talk about these ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple nutrition bars for a second. I was recently introduced to these and they're perfect for my busy lifestyle. Easy to throw in my bag on the way to the gym, or to give to the kids for a quick snack before school. They're loaded wholesome ingredients and packed with protein. They're also 200 calories or less & gluten free. So really, they're great for everyone! 


Perfectly Simple nutrition bars come in a variety of flavors!
  • Bing Cherry & Almond
  • Almond Toffee Crunch
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk
  • Roasted Cashew & Dark Chocolate
Something everyone will love! I got a big box of the Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk, and they're definitely my jam. OH, and my 5 year old loves them, too. So I will be packing these in his lunch as well! I'd love for you all to try these Yummy bars!!

So real quick, download this $1 off coupon and go grab yourself some!!

What are your FeelGooder moments???


Along Came Mary said...

Aww, what a sweet post! :) My feel good-er moments are definitely with my family <3

Icar said...

I agree that we should appreciate even the smallest things in life and turn them into FEEL GOOD moments, with this we would be able to appreciate how blessed we are...

Branson Merrill said...

I can't believe how BIG your boys have gotten! I stopped blogging for a while and everyone's kids grew up, haha! We love zone bars. Haven't tried these yet, but the chocolate graham ones of the regular variety are awesome! I will have to try these!